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Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review

Saturday & Monday, 04-06 March 2006

National Media Reports

Fretilin Will Not Lose in 2007: Lu Olo and Alkatiri

President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres (Lu Olo) has said that while Fretilin will face a challenge in the 2007 elections, there is no doubt that they will win. Speaking on Saturday upon opening the Fretilin District Conference in Dili, Lu Olo said that some people are saying that Fretilin will soon die out, "who then will take over?" he asked. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said that hoping that Fretilin will die out is futile, because Fretilin just continues to grow. He explained that the District Conference is intended to choose the delegates who will attend the second Fretilin National Congress which will be held from 17-19 May. After the Congress, the party will then move to concentrate on the upcoming general elections. (D, STL )

There Will Be No Coup D'etat

President of the National Parliament Francisco Guterres has said that although the number of F-FDTL members who have deserted the institution has risen to 500, there will be no coup d'etat, because Timor-Leste does not want to go to war again. Speaking to journalists on Friday last week, Guterres explained that if there are problems in the F-FDTL, the institution has the capacity to resolve them. Responding to the statement from the Chief of Staff of the F-FDTL that some political parties are behind the problem, Guterres stated that the issue is not of a political nature but a military one, therefore the military should be the institution that takes the lead in resolving the matter and political elements should not be involved. (DN)

Members of F-FDTL Have Not Been Intimidated Members of the Superior Council for Defence and Security Gregorio Saldanha and Paul Assis have declared that the F-FDTL soldiers who have been investigated have not been subjected to any intimidation and that statements to that effect are just rumours. The two confirmed that so far seventeen people have been questioned, but that the investigations are currently suspended as some soldiers have not yet returned to their barracks. Related to the claim that some political parties are behind the matter, Saldanha stated that if there is no evidence to prove this, it is better not to declare as such. He confirmed that the case would be resolved in due course, and that there are no indications of a coup d'etat. In Monday's edition, STL reported that 14 soldiers have already taking part in the investigation process and, according to Saldanha, the investigation process might take one month to complete. (DN, STL)

F-FDTL Crisis Would Not Affect Elections: Lu'Olo President of the National Parliament, Francisco "Lu Olo", said that the crisis within F-FDTL would not affect the elections in 2007. "The F-FDTL crisis is an institutional problem therefore it will not have implications for the election processes in 2007," Guterres said. In regards to reports that some commanders of the Armed Forces have alleged that the problem has been instigated by some political parties, Lu'Olo said he would not comment. He added that the problem is a military technical one and should be resolved within that institution.

Fretilin Did Not Participate in UNOTIL's Meeting

UNOTIL's meeting on the UN support for the National Elections was participated by all the political parties except Fretilin, reported Suara Timor Lorosae newspaper on Saturday. According to STL's Saturday's edition, the Head of Fretilin in the National Parliament, Francisco Branco, said his party was not represented in the meeting because they are busy preparing for the national congress, scheduled for May 20.

This newspaper also reported that representatives of all political parties present at the meeting extended their opinion that the Technical Secretariat for Election Administration (STAE) and National Electoral Commission (CNE) should not be under the government. They said that the two commissions should be independent to guarantee impartial elections. Partido Social Democrata Chairman Mario Carrascalao stated that UNOTIL's assistance on the upcoming elections is crucial for a free and independent election. Carrascalao said he doubts the impartiality of STAE and CNE if they are under the government.

STL reported today that Fretilin's Liquica District Coordinator declared that members of the party have decided to elect Francisco Lu'Olo Guterres as President and Mari Alkatiri as Prime Minister for the 2007 elections. (STL)

International Support Not A Waste: Claudio Ximenes

Claudio Ximenes, President of the Courts of Appeal said the support of the international community is not a waste of money, as the Timorese would receive required training to do work throughout the country. Ximenes said the training is now in the second phase and presently 11 candidates out of 27 have been selected to be judges, 9 for prosecutors and 7 for public defenders. He added that many people did not believe that the training would be successful. "But whoever has been following the training up until now can see with their own eyes that the Timorese participating in this training have been putting in effort and they have gained skills in Timor-Leste legislation and of the official language," the President of the Court of Appeals said. He said that Timor-Leste still requires international assistance especially in the judicial area noting, "there might be a lot of difficulties but we have reason to trust in the Timorese currently receiving training. This is our reality, and our necessity, to prepare properly our human resources for positions in the court, as prosecutors and defenders. Timor-Leste still requires international judges, prosecutor, defenders and official jurists to do the work and the training up to its completion. And, if we carry on the same road we have up to now, our Timorese will have better training to do the work and it will not be a waste for the international support," Claudio Ximenes said. (STL)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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