Subject: AN: France's mily wants more cooperation with RI

Mar 11 23:56 France's mily wants more cooperation with RI

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The French military wishes to increase cooperation with the Indonesian military in many fields including training in military operations, war exercises and airborne maritime surveillance, a spokesman said.

There were many things the two countries` militaries ought to do together, Rear Admiral Hubert de Gaulliers des Bordes, commander of the French Naval Fleet for the Indian Ocean, told ANTARA News aboard the FNS Marne moored at Tanjung Priok port here.

Fighting terrorism was one obvious arena in which the two militaries could cooperate but there were other important things in the way of military cooperation France could offer to Indonesia, he said.

FNS Marne which is commanded by Lt Col Patrick Augiers held a cocktail party which was also attended by Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Adm Slamet Soebijanto and his men.

Manned by a 135-man crew, the FNS Marne is the first French warship of its kind to make an official visit to Indonesia this year. It is based operationally in Djibouti, a former French territory in East Africa.

But the FNS Marne was also among a number of French warships and military planes which actively helped the Indonesian government to assist tsunami victims in Aceh.

Des Bordes said several other French warships will visit Jakarta and Surabaya to conduct joint military exercises with the Indonesian Navy.

Meanwhile, Indoneian Navy Chief Adm Soebijanto said Indonesia ought to take advantage of the important momentum of the FNS Marne`s visit to further enhance bilateral ties.

"We have all seen how they helped us in Aceh after the tsunami struck the province. Their friendship and cooperation are important for us," he said.

The French Navy is one of the world`s military forces that have adopted the "blue ocean" principle in their defense doctrines and operations as their aircraft carriers are present in many oceans, he said.

One of France`s most fomdable aircraft carriers is the FNS Jeanne d`rc which carries several squadrons of Super Etendard jetfighters and Atlantique MPA maritime surveillance aircraft. It is also armed with MM-40 Exocet missiles. (*)

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