Subject: AN: RI, Timor Leste agree to settle problems through TFC

Also: Rights victims want Indonesia truth commish law reviewed

Mar 20 18:34 RI, Timor Leste agree to settle problems through TFC

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda said Indonesia and Timor Leste have agreed to settle their problems in the past through the Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC) and focus on pursuing restorative justice.

Hassan made the statement in response to legislators` questions in a working meeting with the House of Representatives` commission on foreign affairs here Monday.

He quoted Timor Leste President Xanana Gusmao as saying that he recently was at the UN headquarters to attend a Security Council session and submit a report on human rights violations in Timor Leste.

President Xanana had strongly criticized his cuntry`s parliament over the report, which he said was unrealistic and had ignored the future interest of Timor Leste.

"President Xanana Gusmao strongly disagreed with the content and recommendation of the report, which he said was unreconciliative, disturbing Indonesia-Timor Leste good relations, and insupportive of Timor Leste`s development in the future," Hassan said.

On a meeting with Indonesian Permanent Representatives to the UN in January, Timor Leste Foreign Affairs Minister Ramos Horta had said the submission of the report to the UN Secretary General was a courtesy as required by the law in the country.

"But the Timor Leste government would not take follow up measures but stick to its agreement with Indonesia to settle the problems through the TFC," Hassan said.

On February 17, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his Timor Leste counterpart held a meeting in Bali where they reiterated their countries` commitment to continue reconciliation through the TFC.

"Both leaders have a strong will to encourage and give support to the implementation of TFC tasks transparently and credibly, thus the TFC can get support from people in both countries as well as from the international community," Hassan said. (*)


The Jakarta Post Monday, March 20, 2006

Rights victims want truth law reviewed

JAKARTA: Victims of human rights abuses have called for a review of the 2004 Law on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (KKR), which they say gives impunity to state officials implicated in a series of state crimes.

"Through the establishment of a KKR, we are worried that the government has just looked for justification over the past violence, while on the other hand, victims have to accept reconciliation with the state," said Mugiyanto, a human rights activist who provides legal advocacy for human rights victims grouped in the Association of Relatives of Missing Persons (Ikohi).

Ikohi said this was discussed during a three-day national congress that ended March 10 in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The law was enacted two years ago, but the KKR was not yet been established as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono continues to delay the selection of 21 of 42 candidates proposed by the government-sanctioned selection committee. Their selection must be approved by the House of Representatives.

Politicians have said the commission was expected to delve into past human rights cases purportedly involving state officials during the Soeharto administration. --JP

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