Subject: AN: Permanent TNI posts to be built near E. Timor: Djoko

Permanent military posts to be built near East Timor

AMBON, Maluku, March 21 (Antara): Indonesia will build several permanent Army posts this year in Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara provinces, which border with East Timor, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Djoko Santoso said Monday.

He said that the permanent posts would replace the existing temporary posts.

According to Djoko, some three to five posts would be built on islands in Maluku that are near East Timor, while others would be established in East Nusa Tenggara, which shares a land border with former Indonesian province.

Border-crossing incidents have often occurred on Timor island, which is shared by the two countries. Three East Timorese who had become Indonesian citizens were shot dead by East Timor borderpolice in recent months.

Djoko added that military posts would also be established in other border areas such as in Papua and Kalimantan.

---------------- Joyo Indonesia News Service 

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