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Thursday, 30 March 2006

Fretilin states position on F-FDTL case + Population feel threatened day and night

Majority party Fretilin has for the first time stated its position on the F-FDTL case, with a declaration from its President Francisco Guterres (Lu-Olo) on Wednesday. Lu-Olo stated that Fretilin does not agree with the behaviour displayed by the "591" group of petitioners, and that there is no justification for such behaviour. He said that such actions could establish a dangerous precedent, and that this could cause future problems for the F-FDTL and other institutions that are trying to resolve the problems that exist within the F-FDTL. Meanwhile, feeling the threat to their security related to the current situation, residents from a number of Dili suburbs on Wednesday presented a complaint to Commission B for Defence and Security of the National Parliament, stating that they have felt uneasy ever since the President's declaration on the matter. One of the complainants, Domingos da Costa, said that in his area of residence there have been frequent recent attacks on resident's houses. (TP, STL)

President's personal security a national responsibility + Lobato-Paulo guarantee security

President Xanana's statement that his personal safety is at stake must be taken seriously, with a subsequent tightening of his personal security, because if something did happen to the President there would be major implications both domestically and internationally. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Democratic Party spokesperson Rui Menezes said that the security of a Head of State is always very important, as it concerns national stability, as the President is a symbol of national unity. Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato and PNTL Commander Paulo de Fatima Martins have said that they will guarantee security for President Xanana, with Lobato stating that threats toward the President are a very serious matter. He assured the community that the security forces are doing everything they can to provide the security that the President requires. He reminded people that the independence that Timor-Leste now enjoys is a result of a joint struggle, and not something that was gained by the East or West alone. Therefore he asked the people not to use the polemic as a means to influence the break down of national unity. (STL)

Xanana: Media important for dissemination of CAVR report + CAVR report open to public + Japan donates US$ 79,663

President Xanana has stated that the media has an important role to play in the dissemination of the CAVR Report. However he requested that the Report be disseminated in an accurate and professional manner, to avoid confusion or false understandings. Speaking at the handover ceremony of funds from the Government of Japan specifically earmarked for the dissemination of the Report, the President asked the Director of the Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat to invite all journalists to discuss the Report. He also thanked the Japanese Government profusely for their donation in the amount of US $79,663, which will contribute to the reconciliation process. Director of the Post-CAVR Secretariat Reverend Agustinho Vasconcelas said that the Report will not be closed to public access as is rumoured. The Reverend explained the purpose of the Post-CAVR Secretariat, stating that its role is to finalise CAVR documents, in particular materials that will be used for the dissemination of the Report, to archive documents and to assist the President's Cabinet in the dissemination of the Report. (STL)

Horta asks Parliament to make amnesty law for ex-militia

It is reported that Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta has asked the National Parliament to make an urgent amnesty law for ex-militia who were involved in violence in 1999 and who are still in Becora prison. Speaking to reporters after meeting with President Xanana, Mr Horta said that the decision made by the Indonesian Supreme Court to capture Eurico Guterres for crimes committed in 1999 is the responsibility of the Indonesian authority. But, he added that in believing in justice and human rights, we should give amnesty to those already facing court. (STL, TP)

RTTL News Headlines 29-03-2006

I did not provoke the situation: President Gusmao

President Xanana Gusmao met with Leaders of some Political Parties and Groups on Wednesday, reportedly to discuss the current situation. Speaking to journalists after the meeting, President Gusmao stated that he did not provoke the situation, arguing instead that he need not remain silent when he sees something going wrong. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the leaders, Cornelio "L-7" reportedly told journalists that the meeting was aimed at expressing their concerns and opinions about the situation

UIR member improved and suspects arrested

The condition of PNTL's Rapid Intervention Unit (UIR) member, who was stabbed in the area of Fatuhada, Dili, is improving, RTTL reported. The Officer had reportedly undergone surgery and his condition has improved since. Meanwhile, the man who was suspected of stabbing the officer was arrested in Balibar on Wednesday. Speaking to the Minister for Interior and recorded on RTTL camera, the man with initials JSG stated that he stabbed the officer as revenge after being shot at. Interior Minister, Rogerio Lobato informed the media that two other suspects have also been arrested in Balibar and that home-made "Molotov cocktails" had been hurled at a Police Patrol car in Raikotu area, west of Dili, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Xavier do Amaral rejects the accusation of FRETILIN

President of ASDT, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, held a press conference at his party's office in Licedere, Dili, to reject the accusation made against him by FRETILIN. As reported in RTTL previously, the Vice-Secretary General of FRETILIN, Jose Maria dos Reis, accused Amaral as a traitor. Speaking during the conference, Xavier do Amaral reportedly renounced the accusations as false and misleading, saying he regretted the fact that the political mentality of the past actually still lives on with current political cadres.

Regional News

Vow to catch rioters in East Timor

East Timor's Home Affairs Minister has vowed to catch the men behind weekend riots as President Xanana Gusmao expressed concern at the security situation. Rogerio Lobato says some rioters were among nearly 600 recently-dismissed soldiers who deserted the army in protest over working conditions. He says all the rioters will be arrested with the help of the people. Police have not said how many people were involved but witnesses said there were skirmishes between groups of up to 25 people. So far, four people have been arrested, two of them dismissed soldiers. The capital remains under tight security with police conducting road checks. (ABC Asia Pacific)

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) TelevisaunTimor-Leste [TVTL]

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