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Wednesday, 04 October 2006

These Items Do Not Reflect the Position or Views of the United Nations. UNMIT Public Information Office

National Media Reports

PNTL Cadets Working With International Police

Deputy Minister of Interior, Somoxo, said the police currently working with the International Police are the new police recruits who successfully went through the recruitment process and remained in the police academy during the crisis. Therefore, they should not be confused with the police that were already active and who are still under investigation. In the meantime, Diario Jornal reported that Francisco Lu’Olo Guterres, President of the National Parliament, said the action of the International Police, especially the Australian police with the IDPs is still controversial because in times of conflict rather than capturing the suspects the police capture those defending themselves. (DN, TP)

Public Hearing on Proposed Electoral Laws

Commission A of the National Parliament in charge of constitutional affairs, freedom and liberty rights, is holding a public hearing today with all entities on the proposed electoral laws, laws for the National Parliament and proposed laws for the Independent Electoral Commission. The audience is scheduled to continue tomorrow and next week. (DN, STL)

Veterans Want Investigation on UNTAET

About 1,100 veterans of Falintil CPD-RDTL demanded that the Special Independent Commission of Inquiry also investigate UNTAET for disarming Falintil in Aileu following the 24-year struggle. According to Antonio Aitahan Matak, CPD-RDTL Coordinator General, with the UN resolutions passed, the UN must be responsible for the crisis in Timor-Leste and should not blame the government of RDTL nor the F-FDTL institution. He said the CPD-RDTL veterans representatives are Mariano Lequi-Hare from sector I, Hadsolok Ramelau, from Ainaro, Domingos Kuboy, Sector II, Vivake(matebian) Daniel Mota, Sector III and Nakroma of Bobonaro. (STL)

PM Welcomed Translation of Report: Finn Reske-Nielsen

Prime Minister Ramos-Horta has welcomed the initiative of the Special Independent Commission of Inquiry to translate the report of their findings into Tetum, Bahasa Indonesia, and Portuguese languages, Deputy SRSG Finn Reske-Nielsen told the media yesterday, following a meeting with the Prime Minister. Reske-Nielsen said Ramos-Horta is happy that the translation of the document will enable everybody to access the report in the languages they feel comfortable with and understand its content. The Deputy SRSG said the Commission’s report was scheduled to be released on October 7 and will probably be delayed due to the translations. In a separate article, MP Francisco Xavier do Amaral (ASDT) suggests that the Parliament must make public the report and explain to the population the role of the Special Independent Commission of Enquiry in order to enable them to understand it as it will be a lengthy process. (DN)

Court Must Condemn Authors of April 28: Alfredo

In an interview with Timor Post yesterday, Major Alfredo said the judges and prosecutors should not be scared to condemn the authors of the April 28 incident, alleging some F-FDTL commanders were involved and abused their power, which was not in accordance with the Constitution. Among other issues, Alfredo says he wants justice, adding that he is an eyewitness to many things but he has remained silent up until now. (TP)

Delegation Madrid Club Meet PR

The Madrid Club, headed by former Latvia Prime Minister, Valdis Birkavs met with President Xanana Gusmão yesterday and discussed the implementation of the project on the national dialogue. Birkavs said the team is in the country to share some of their experiences with the Timorese, adding any decision would solemnly be from the Timorese people. The Madrid Club is composed of over 60 former Presidents and Prime Ministers. (STL, TP)

RTTL Headlines 03-10-06

National Parliament held public audience

The head of Commission A, Vicente Guterres, reportedly said that the National Parliament (Commission A) will open Public Audience to listen to opinions from all civil society on the two draft electoral laws. Mr. Guterres also added that between the two draft electoral laws there is no big difference - only within the areas of threshold proportion, place of vote counting, the body of independent commission of electoral and independent candidates

Majority MPs approved the lyrics of national hymn Article 5 in draft law No: 23/I/IV, about National Symbol approved.

Yesterday, the National Parliament approved article 5 in draft law No: 23/I/IV about National Symbol. MP Vicente Guterres said it voted in favour of it because the article recognizes the person who wrote the lyrics.

CPD-RDTL held Press Conference

The General Coordinator of CPD-RDTL, Antonio Ai Tahan Matak held a press conference to focus on the current situation. Mr. Matak requested that the UN and Timor-Leste authorities end the crises. Mr. Matak also appealed to the UN to recollect the illegal guns in the hands of civilians and also appealed to the people to stop violence.

International Media Reports

Gallery: Robin Taudevin Photo Exhibition

3 October 2006

"Most people in Britain don't know who asylum seekers are ... it is easy to think of someone as your enemy if you do not know his face. It is easy to despise people if you do not know their story. These photographs are an attempt to remedy that in some way in Glasgow." That was Robin Taudevin's belief about pictures he took of asylum seekers in Glasgow in autumn 2005. He applied the same belief to photographing refugees from the violence that broke out this year in East Timor, where he died, aged 29, in May. An exhibition of his Glasgow and Timor photographs, Fighting for Refuge, is at Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow, throughout October, 12noon-10pm, admission free. The exhibition is also due to go on show at the Marmalade Gallery in Oxford next January and the Brunei Gallery, Russell Square, London, in April 2007. For more information, you can also visit his website at <>


NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

These Items Do Not Reflect the Position or Views of the United Nations. UNMIT Public Information Office

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