Subject: ABC: Ramos Horta happy with Aust troops in E Timor

Tuesday, October 10, 2006. 11:24pm (AEST)

Ramos Horta happy with Aust troops in E Timor

East Timorese Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta says he and his President Xanana Gusmao have agreed that Australian troops in East Timor should not be replaced by UN peacekeepers.

Dr Ramos Horta is in Australia to try and increase foreign investment in East Timor.

In a lecture at the University of New South Wales, Dr Ramos Horta said he will not ask the UN Security Council for a peacekeeping force when they discuss the issue again, because he is happy with the current arrangement.

"The UN is overstretched so I propose, my President and former Prime Minister agree, that we should continue with the current force arrangement with Australia," he said.

"Their professionalism, the effectiveness of the force, their strict respect for East Timorese suggest we should continue."

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