Subject: Police officers to take part in UN Mission in Timor Leste

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Police officers to take part in UN Mission in Timor Leste

By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 27 October 2006 1822 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force is sending a team to the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Timor Leste for one year.

This contingent of 21 police officers, including three female officers, will start their duties in Timor Leste on 6th November.

They received their insignia and the State Flag from Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng on Friday.

They will work closely with the UN and Timor Leste's police to help restore peace and order for parliamentary elections next year.

The Singapore team will also help to train the local police to operate on their own, after the UN forces withdraw from Timor Leste.

Taking part in UN peacekeeping missions in Timor Leste is nothing new for the Singapore Police Force.

In fact, a contingent has been sent there before.

The present team has been training for their mission for the past 3 months.

Francis Tan, Leader of the Timor Leste Peacekeeping Mission, says they have been trained on the codes of conduct of UN police, and the rules of engagement and firearm.

The group has also been talking to officers who have been on peacekeeping missions to Timor Leste in the past and is deemed ready for any situation.

Li Ping, a member of the contingent, says: "They shared a lot of stories, like the living conditions, the kind of experience they faced over there and the working conditions with other peacekeepers."

"I am prepared for the worst; it is very important to be mentally prepared," he adds. - CNA/so


Portugal News Online More Portuguese police for Timor


Portugal has beefed up its contribution to the UN police force in East Timor Monday with the arrival of 22 more officers.

The arrival of 20 Public Security Police (PSP) officers and two paramilitary GNR guardsmen raised the number of Portuguese officers serving with UNPOL to 186, officials said.

Drawn from 20 nations, the 1,608-strong UNPOL force is expected to reach full size in January, when the two-pronged Portuguese GNR and PSP contingents will total 251 officers. UNPOL is commanded by PSP Commissioner Antero Lopes of Portugal.


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