Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 7 September 2006

Daily Media Review Thursday, 07 September 2006

National Media Reports

President Xanana Must Reconcile Himself: Tilman

MP Manuel Tilman (KOTA) stressed that the important path to resolve the current crisis, is for President Gusmão to first reconcile himself, then with other competent political leaders such as the President of the National Parliament Francisco Lu’Olo Guterres, F-FDTL Commander Taur Matan Ruak and other commanders in the Armed Forces. Tilman said these individuals have the moral responsibility to reconcile among themselves and to resolve the problems since they are aware of the problems within F-FDTL. He further said the next step is for President Gusmao and his team to sit with each leader representative (lia nain) from Kabalake, Matebian and Ramelau and proceed with reconciliation according to Timor-Leste custom. Manuel Tilman hopes that this process will help the IDPs return to their homes, and that the justice process will follow. (TP) p1

SRSG Visits Lautém Community

SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa met with members of Lautém District community and IDPs during a visit on Wednesday where he informed the public about the assistance the UN has been providing through the Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion. The Head of the UN in Timor-Leste also informed those he met that the government is making an effort to help the communities in the districts and highlighted examples in the areas of education and health. He also said there is a possibility to amend the security situation in Dili, adding that the police and AFP are cooperating to recapture Major Alfredo and the prisoners that fled Becora prison and are taking measures to stop them from fleeing the country. SRSG and his delegation visited Salesian Dom Bosco orphanage and the new market. (TP, DN)

Weakness Of Justice Is The Minister’s Fault: MP Corte-Real

The injustice process in the country is not due to political intervention but a result of the weakness of the Minister. MP Alexandre Corte-Real (UDT) said on several occasions the Public Ministry and the court have presented difficulties encountered, like lack of human resource, infrastructure, and finance but the Ministry has not taken any measures to respond to these concerns. Corte-Real said due to the lack of human resources and finances the court is non-functional and the Minister himself has not approached the Council of Ministers or the National Parliament to attend to these concerns, adding it only shows that the Minister does not have planning capacity. The MP stressed that the judiciary power must be reactivated urgently to allow the international police to capture and condemn the people committing crimes.

Tiago Sarmento, Director of NGO JSMP said the court cases of Rogerio Lobato and Mari Alkatiri are pending because the judges, prosecutors and defenders in charge of the process have all ended their contracts and left the country. Sarmento said the cases would proceed when the new judiciary personnel arrive this month. He points a finger at the UN and UNDP for stopping their contracts in a situation where the population is eagerly waiting for justice, adding that other international judges, prosecutors, and defenders should be on the ground and have the work transferred in order to determine justice in Timor-Leste. The Director of JSMP said the court has not processed any case since August. (TP)

I Had Guns To Protect Myself: Isac

MP Cipriana Pereira (Fretilin) said any Member of Parliament in possession of guns and involved in the social crisis is an act of crime as it is against the Constitution. Pereira raised her concern with the media following MP Leandro Isac’s (Independent) statement during a television interview where he said he was in possession of a gun to defend himself. She said if a civilian caught in possession of a weapon is considered a crime and this also applies to any Member of Parliament. She said she would like the Parliament to take action and investigate all Members of Parliament in relation to the crisis. In the meantime, Leandro Isa said he had a gun on May 24 and 25 to protect himself, his family and about 300 people that took refuge in his house. Isac said he has evidence he was a target because on April 29 he came to Dili to get some food and was stopped and told not to proceed or he would be shot upon his return. (DN, TP, STL)

Women Returned to TL

Three women allegedly reported to have been abducted and taken to Atambua a few months ago have now returned to Timor-Leste via Mota’ain border on Tuesday, reported Diario Nacional Thursday. Jasti Norina, one of the three girls told DN, due to lack of employment opportunities in Timor-Leste they went to Indonesia with the intention to find work in Malaysia. (DN)

Population Congratulates Major Alfredo

According to DN, the population of Comoro has extended their congratulations to Major Alfredo and his members for fleeing the prison. The population claims that Alfredo will establish conditions for the people who have not found justice, peace and unity. Duarte, representing Comoro people, said when Alfredo fled the prison, the Comoro population were overwhelmed because Alfredo feels he has become the victim since some leaders involved in crime have not been condemned and are still not in jail. He is of the opinion that justice should not only be for the ‘small people’. (DN)

RTTL headlines news (06-09-06)

SRSG visits Lospalos

SRSG Hasegawa on Wednesday visited Lospalos district to listen directly to the peoples of Lospalos and the difficulties they are facing. SRSG also met with PNTL officers and representatives of IDPs in Lospalos. Many IDPs would like to return home to Dili but are concerned about security. They also expressed concern about security surrounding the escape of Maj. Alfredo and the other inmates.

Canossa Balide IDPs camp attacked by unknown group

The IDPs in Canossa Balide were dismayed with an unknown group who perpetrated attacks three over the last three. IDPs have requested that the Government solve the fundamental problem of the petitioners otherwise the crises will never end. Meanwhile Camp Manager Sister Guilhermina said that the young peoples are tire of the situation are involved in clashes with rivals because they have no jobs and are frustrated.

Misunderstanding made by voters on pilot project of electoral card

After the launching of the pilot project of voter registration cards yesterday, an overwhelming crowd of people turned up wanting cards resulting in STAE officers having to call police to intervene. The Director of STAE, Thomas Cabral said that there was a misunderstanding among the population as the pilot project only includes those who urgently need the electoral card such as students who wants to continue their study in abroad in Indonesia as well as diplomats who may be absent from the country. General public distribution will start on 6th October.

International Media Reports

Diggers unfazed by E Timor rebel threat

September 7, 2006 - 8:24AM

A fugitive East Timor rebel leader who has threatened to shoot Australian soldiers if they hunt him down will be treated fairly if he surrenders, Australia's military leader in East Timor says. Alfredo Reinado, who escaped from a Dili jail last month, said he would defend himself if cornered by the troops. "If they shoot me, I will shoot them back because I have a right to protect myself in my country," he told SBS Television in a phone interview. Commander of the Australian contingent in East Timor, Brigadier Mick Slater, said Australian forces were in contact with Reinado and he hoped Reinado would surrender. "Look, it's a serious threat. There's no denying that, but I'm not overly concerned at this stage," he told the Nine Network. "If he hands himself in to Australian soldiers, he will be treated fairly." Reinado has insisted he was not a rebel, and urged the Australian government to remain impartial. Reinado has been blamed for some of the worst violence that took place in East Timor earlier this year. In May, he led a group of 600 deserting troops and was accused of sparking civil unrest, prompting the deployment of an Australian-led international peacekeeping force. (The Age)

Violence hits East Timor Wednesday, September 6, 2006 (Dili): International security forces fired tear gas after machete-wielding youths went on a rampage in East Timor's capital on Wednesday. Some of the youth threw throwing Molotov cocktails and burnt down houses, witnesses and officials said. Eleven people were injured, including two Australian police, they said. It was not clear what sparked the attack by 150 young men on a refugee camp in downtown Dili. A police officer who requested anonymity said it followed the discovery of a woman's body nearby. At least eight houses and several cars were torched near the camp before international peacekeepers arrived, dispersing the mobs with tear gas, said Marcelino Martins, a UN security guard. (AP)


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