Subject: AN: Indonesia-Timor Leste border relatively secure: mily commander

Indonesia-Timor Leste border relatively secure: mily commander

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Chief of Regional Military Command IX/Udayana Maj.Gen Syaiful Rizal said the border areas between Indonesia and Timor Leste were relatively secure amid rumors of a new wave of protests to be staged against Timor Leste Prime Minister Ramos Horta on Wednesday.

"The situation remains calm up to now. There is no increased threats along the border areas," the Udayana Regional Military commander said after taking part in a shooting competition at the Indonesian Military (TNI) Headquarters here on Tuesday.

Although security condition was relatively conducive, the TNI would continue to stay vigilant against any threats emerging as a result of the political conflict in the Asian poorest nation, he said.

He said that the Indonesian troops patrolling along the border areas proceeded as usual and there was no additional number of soldiers.

"We remain cautious but we still use the normal security maintenance standard by carrying out routine patrols," he added.

Ramos Horta said last Wednesday that he was prepared to resign if the people rejected his leadership, stating that he actually was not seeking the post.

Horta made the remarks in connection with rumors that his political opponents would launch a protest on September 20, 2006 to unsit him and to demand for the dissolution of his cabinet.

Fears of escalations in security threats surfaced after rebel leaders Major Alfredo Reinado escaped a jail in Dili with 50 other detainees last month.

Official sources of the Australian government said anti-government protests and other civilian rioting activities had increased since September 17-19 and would continue in the following weeks.

The United Nations has agreed a new mission for Timor Leste and sent some 1,000 police personnel, although there was a row whether the Australian-led forces which had been there should remain independent or became part of the United Nations forces.(*)

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