Subject: AN: Ramos Horta on RI-Timor Leste relations

08/18/07 15:18

Ramos Horta on RI-Timor Leste relations

Dili (ANTARA News) - Timor Leste President Jose Manuel Ramos Horta said "only the sky" could be the limit of Indonesia-Timor Leste relations so that nothing under the sky could harm those ties.

"As you can see, Timor Leste`s political figures, including those of belonging to rival camps, all are attending this reception at the Indonesian Embassy. This is a rare event and can only happen because we highly appreciate the relations between Timor Leste and Indonesia," Horta said here on Friday night.

Timor Leste leaders, including those of the warring parties, were attending a reception held at the Indonesian embassy compound to observe the 62nd anniversary of Indonesia`s Independence.

The reception was hosted by Indonesian Ambassador to Timor Leste Ahmad B Sofwan.

Apart from members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of international institutions and other Timor Leste prominent figures, four Timor Leste figures became invitees` focus of attention.

They were Horta, Timor Leste Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, Timor Leste National Parliament Speaker Fernando "La Samma" Guterres and Secretary General of Fretilin Party Mari Alkatiri.

The four leaders got together before the public for the first time since the high-level politics heated up following the failure of the STAE and CNE in deciding the right person for the premiership post.

Sometime ago, Alkatiri said the assignment of Gusmao as the prime minister was unlawful and unconstitutional. But during the reception, the four figures chatted each other and had a joint photo session together with Ambassador Sofwan.

Horta said that there were inconvenient matters among us in the past but we should not look back to the past but develop a better future.

Besides the four noted leaders, all Timor Leste`s cabinet members also attended the function, among others Justice Minister Lucia Lobato. All members of Tomor Leste`s parliament were also present.(*)

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