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[These are apparently from UNMIT Daily Media Review.]

Timor-Leste Recent News

Kamis, 2007 Agustus 16

Alkatiri responsible for violence in the east

The MP from the UNDERTIM party, Mr. Faustino do Santos, on Tuesday (14/8) at the National Parliament said that Fretilin’s Secretary-General, Mari Alkatiri should take responsibility for the recent violence in the eastern districts. Mr. Faustino revealed that he objected to Alkatiri’s statement made on TVTL last Monday (13/8) explaining that the violence was a result of ethnic conflicts between Uatolari Nauweti and Makasae. "I object to his explanation as I personally witnessed Fretilin supporters threatening people and setting up road-blocks in Lautem," informed Mr. Faustino. (TP)

Prime Minister meets with 13 District Administrators

The Timorese Prime Minister, Mr. Xanana Gusmão, on Tuesday (14/8) held a meeting with 13 District Administrators in the STAE office following the recent violence that broke out across the country.

He called on the DAs to do their work properly and said “as District Administrators we should not permit others to burn people’s houses and properties.” (DN)

LDP calls on the state to socialize the President’s decision

The Spokesperson of the Democratic Progressive League (LDP), Hermenegildo Lopes Cupa called on President José Ramos-Horta to travel to the rural areas (especially the eastern part) and explain his decision [regarding the formation of the new government] to the people.

He said that the socialization could help the people understand his decision and would reduce the problems and political tensions. (DN)

Fernando Lasama: “Military Police is important to the nation”

At the graduation ceremony of 43 Military Police officers on Wednesday (15/8) in Dili, the President of the National Parliament, Fernando de Araujo Lasama said that the role of the MPs is very important for the nation’s progress.

Mr. Lasama also thanked and congratulated the Brazilian MPs for continuously supporting and cooperating with Timor-Leste’s MPs. (DN)

F-FDTL to recruit 600 soldiers

F-FDTL Commander Brigadier-General Taur Matan Ruak said that the F-FDTL has proposed to the government to recruit 600 soldiers in 2008 and another 600 in 2009.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday (15/8) in Dili, Brig.-Gen. Taur mentioned that out of the 1,450 soldiers in 2005, only 700 remain. He said some soldiers were discharged while others became petitioners. (DN)

Brig. Gen. Taur: “Situation in the east starting to calm down”

F-FDTL Commander, Brig.-Gen. Taur Matan Ruak said that the security situation across the country, specifically in Baucau, Viqueque and Lospalos Districts, is starting to calm down after his direct intervention (explaining the current situation to the Fretilin supporters).

He added that Fretilin supporters guaranteed that they would not act violently but rather would conduct peaceful demonstrations requesting the President to come to the eastern regions to explain his decision to appoint the Alliance to form the new government. (DN)

PUN objects to establishment of NP’s investigative team

The NP member from the National Unity Party (PUN), Fernanda Borges said that she objects to the establishment of an investigative team from the national parliament to look into the causes of the recent conflict (following the formation of the new government).

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday (14/8) at the parliament, she said that this case should be independently investigated by the police without any political interference.

The current violence that broke out across the country – particularly in some eastern districts – involved criminal acts and human rights abuses. It is obviously not the responsibility of the national parliament to investigate; the police and general prosecutor should work on this,” said Ms. Borges. (STL)

Pedro da Costa: imprison Fretilin for national stability

The NP member from CNRT, Pedro da Costa called upon the government and UNPol to arrest Fretilin leaders, militants and supporters who were directly or indirectly involved in the violence that broke out across the country.

The criminals should be imprisoned if we want to have national stability. We should not allow them to provoke and create further conflicts in the rural areas,” said Mr. da Costa during the plenary session at the National Parliament on Monday (13/8). (STL)

PNTL stabbed in Viqueque

The interim PNTL Commander, Insp. Afonso de Jesus said that a PNTL officer was stabbed by unidentified people while on duty in Viqueque District.

He added that an ISF helicopter immediately transported the officer to the National Hospital in Dili.

I have not received any official reports from the PNTL District Commander regarding to the incident, but I know that he was stabbed while conducting a foot-patrol,” Mr. Jesus said. (STL an TP)

Abel Ximenes replaces Alfredo

The Deputy Commander of the Military Police, Lt. Abel Ximenes was sworn in as the new MP Commander to replace Alfredo Reinado Alves. Lt. Ximenes and 43 new members of the Military Police were sworn in on Wednesday (15/8) at the F-FDTL HQ, in Tasi Tolu, Dili.

Speaking to journalists, Lt. Ximenes said that it is a very important role, which he will conduct well.

He also mentioned that there are currently 74 members of the Military Police, including one officer who is studying medicine in Cuba. (STL)

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