Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 13 - 15 January

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Saturday 13 to Monday 15 January




Three members of F-FDTL and one PNTL officer sent to Bekora prison (STLand TP, 15 January 2007, p1)

Eleven members of the F-FDTL and one member from PNTL have appeared in the Dili District Court in relation to the massacre on the 25 May 2006. Following the hearing three members of the F-FDTL and one member of the PNTL were detained temporarily at the Bekora prison for 15 days. Another eight members must report once a week to the F-FDTL HQ. Col. Lere Anan Timor said that F-FDTL as national institution is willing to cooperate with justice and the F-FDTL will respect any decision of court.

Mario Carrascalão launched book “Timor before the Future” (STL, 15 January 2007, p1)

President of PSD, Mario Carrascalão has launched a book titled “Timor before the Future” at the Memorial Hall on the weekend. Mr. Carrascalão, a journalist said that he wrote about the history of Timor Leste during the Portuguese colonialisation and the Indonesia occupation. The launch was attended by President Xanana Gusmão, President of PD, ASDT and others political parties leaders.

FNJP will not organize demonstration in a short time (STL, 13 January 2007, p1)

Secretary General of National Front for Justice and Peace (FNJP), Vital dos Santos said that FNJP will not organize demonstrations in the near future. He said FNJP has just transformed into a new organization named “Movement for National Unity Justice and Peace (MUNJP)”. MUNJP is now preparing members to fill the structure of the new movement.

Not XG who create crises (STL, 13 January 2007, p1)

President of PPT, Jacob Xavier said it is not President Xanana Gusmão and the former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri or other leaders in Timor Leste who created the crisis. He said it was created by people from foreign countries with the intention to destabalise Timor Leste into a failed state and exploit its natural resources. Meanwhile MP Julião Mausiri from the PD bench stated the opposite by saying that the crises happened because of a lack capacity of Government.

CTF will invite Habibie, Wiranto, Xanana and Bishop Belo (STL, 15 January 2007, p1)

CTF chief from Indonesia, Benjamin Mangkoedilaga said that the CTF will invite 70 people in relation to human rights violation during the popular consultation in 1999. Amongst the people that CTF will invite in early February are the former President of Indonesia, Habbibie, the President of Timor Leste, Xanana Gusmão, Bishop Belo and General Wiranto.

PMD candidate Alfredo Reinado to be President of Republic ( JN Diario, 15 Janeiro 2007, p12)

President PMD, Hermengildo Cupa said that PMD is ready to candidate Major Alfredo Reinado for President of the Republic. He said that during the crisis Major Reinado managed to ensure that the people of Loromonu or Lorosae were not divided. Mr. Cupa said that Alfredo is right person to be next President of Republic.


Police arrest 3 suspects over Liquica case: Rodrigues

The Spokesperson for the UN Police, Monica Rodrigues, stated on Friday that the police had arrested three suspects over the case of three women burned to death inside their house in Maubara in the Liquica district. She added the suspects are currently in detention awaiting their trial. On another matter, Rodrigues confirmed that the Martial Arts Groups confrontation in Covalima district over the previous weekend had resulted in two deaths. She said that police intervened to calm the situation and that investigations are underway into the cases.

PNTL General Commander and his Deputies tendered their resignations

Interior Minister, Alcino Barris, has confirmed on Friday that the PNTL General Commander, Superintendent Paulo Fatima Martins and his two Deputies, the Operational Deputy, Inspector Ismael Babo and the Administration Deputy, Inspector Lino Saldanha had submitted their resignation. Barris explained further that the three resigned from their posts but retained their ranks as Superintendent and Inspectors respectively. Without further elaboration on the candidates to replace the three, the Minister said restructuring of the PNTL was required. On a different matter, the Minister rejected the claim about many weapons still being at large saying only 31 PNTL pistols had yet to be returned.

DPM Araujo: Navy should maintain its position

Delivering a speech at the fifth anniversary of the F-FDTL’s Navy component in Hera on Friday, the Deputy Prime Minister Rui Maria de Araujo has reportedly called on the unit to maintain its idealism and dedication to the people and the country of Timor-Leste. Reiterating the government’s commitment to the Unit, Araujo said, “The Navy deserves special and important attention.” Meanwhile, the Second Commander of the Navy, Major Neves told journalists that his Unit is not currently in operation due to the technical failures of its only two ships.

Government to compensate the victims of crisis

The Government, through the Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion has started compensating the victims of the crisis. Speaking to journalists at the Ministry, the Director of the National Social Services. Carmen da Cruz, said that the social assistance is in accordance with the Government Resolution No. 9 dated 13 December, and a Ministerial Dispatch, which rules that the victims of crisis from 28 April through to 30 September would be compensated. Da Cruz detailed assistance as the Deaths receive $1000; Serious Injuries receive $500 while Light Injuries will received over $200 each.



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