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Friday, 09 March 2007



National Media Reports

International Forces, UN Police will Cooperate on President's Order to Capture Alfredo

Commander of the Australian-led International Stabilization Forces (ISF), Brigadier Mal Rerden, said the hunt for ex-Military Police Commander, Major Alfredo Reinaldo Alves is continuing.

The ISF would stand firm and continue their military operation until Alfredo and his followers are captured, said Rerden.

Furthermore, he said that the additional troops had arrived in recent days strengthening the international forces' numbers.

Alfredo and his men are on run after Australian forces raided their hideout in southern town of Same last weekend, killing five of Alfredo's men.

The Australian forces undertook the operation on President Xanana Gusmão's authorization, following Alfredo's raid on two Border Police Units last month, in which he seized 18 firearms. (RTL, DN)

UNMIT to Provide Security for Presidential Candidates

The UN Secretary General's Special Representative (SRSG) in Timor Leste, Atul Khare, said UN police would provide security for the eight-presidential candidates for the April 9 presidential elections.

Khare was speaking to journalists in a press conference held yesterday at Obrigado Barrack. He confirmed that he had sent a letter to the eight presidential candidates advising them that the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor Leste (UNMIT) would provide security for them during their political campaigns. (DN)

People Welcome F-FDTL Deployment

Most people in the capital Dili have welcomed the deployment of the Timor Leste Defense Force (F-FDTL) within Dili, to respond to the ongoing security situation and disturbances, although some people have criticized the move.

Dili resident, Martinho Carvalho said he was very pleased that F­FDTL had been authorized to help conntrol Dili, even though some were unhappy with the deployment.

He added that since F-FDTL's deployment, residents have been able to rest. But a few days ago, residents couldn't sleep because there were night attacks, gangs of youths blocking roads and burning tyres. (DN)

Another Dili resident, Esterlita Rodrigues Neto, thanked F-FDTL for going on patrol in Dili.

F-FDTL was deployed after President Xanana Gusmão gave more power to ISF and F-FDTL to respond to violence in Dili.

F-FDTL was engaged in a gun battle with ex-Military Police Commander, Major Alfredo Reinaldo and shot dead 9 members of Timor's police force and wounded another 20 at the height of the crisis last year.

Seven-and-a-Half-Year Sentence is Unfair: Jose Luis Oliveira

The director of Timorese legal aid association, HAK, Jose Luis Oliveira has criticized the seven and a half year sentence given to former interior Minister, Rogerio Lobato.

Oliveira was speaking to journalists yesterday at his office and commented on the verdict delivered by the court this week to Rogerio Lobato.

He said Rogerio should receive a greater sentence, as he had distributed weapons to a civilian hit squad, attempted manslaughter and had disturbed the public order.

The verdict was reached by the panel of three international jurists, led by Judge Ivo Rosa Batista, after a three-month trial.

Lobato's lawyer, Paulo Remeidos said the verdict was not fair and that his client would appeal the sentence.

Lobato was tried for arming a civilian hit squad, one of the key triggers for country's recent political crisis. (DN)

Horta to Focus on Combating Poverty in His Candidacy for President

Presidential candidate, Jose Ramos Horta said yesterday that if he wins the April 9 presidential elections that he would make combating poverty in this tiny country as his priority.

Horta said poverty was a big challenge faced by the Timorese people. "My priority is to combat poverty," said Horta.

He said he would create a commission to study budget execution and work with government to reduce poverty within the country.

Horta was nominated by the Timorese Democratic Union of Resistance (UNDERTIM) party, Millennium Democratic (PMD) party and Maubere youth organization last month to contest the presidential elections. (STL)

One of Alfredo's Followers is Imprisoned

Nikson Jaime da Costa from the Rapid Intervention Police Unit (UIR), who deserted during the country's crisis and joined ex-Military Police Commander Major Alfredo Reinado, has been put in preventative detention after appearing in court in Dili yesterday.

Nikson was injured during the Australian forces' raid on the southern town of Same last weekend.

The decision to put Nikson in preventative detention was made by international judge, Ivo Rosa Batista. (TP)

Women Should be Recognized on Women's Day: Atul Khare

Speaking to journalists in a press conference at Obrigado Barrack yesterday on International Women's Day, the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Timor Leste, Atul Khare said it is important to recognize the contribution of women on this day in order to transform relations between men and women and promote gender equality, speaking. (TP)

Catholic Church is Ready to Mediate between Government and Alfredo

The Catholic Church is ready to mediate in any dialogue between government and ex-Military Police Commander Major Alfredo Reinado Alves if both parties are happy for the Church to be involved, said Fr. Domingos Soares Maubere.

Maubere was speaking to journalists yesterday from his office, referring to proposals from both the government and Alfredo that the Catholic Church mediate a dialogue on Alfredo's surrender. (TP)

International Media Reports


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