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Wednesday, 14 March 2007



National Media Reports

Ramos Horta Having 'Sightseeing' on the Situation in Dili by Mikrolet

Prime Minister Ramos Horta reportedly went around by Mikrolet (local transport vehicle) in Dili yesterday (13/03). He started at 12.00 O'clock from the Government Palace to the temporary bus station to Baucau, Lospalos, and Viqueque. On his way, he met with groups of people engaging in different activities which had his assistance. Later, Ramos Horta had lunch in Restaurant Nila Sari and continued his tour to visit the SRSG, though the SRSG was not in at the time so Ramos Horta then visited his family in Matadouro before heading back to the Palace of government. (DN)

State Provides 100 % Security Guaranty ­ when Alfredo Surrrenders

The Prime Minister, Ramos Horta said to DN yesterday (Tuesday, 13/3) that full security guaranty will be provided by the State to avoiding maltreatment or dishonoring Alfredo after observing the current situation in the capital.

Ramos Horta added that on Monday this week he had met Bishop Dom Alberto Ricardo and asked for the Church to negotiate and get in touch with Alfredo Reinado as Alfredo prefers to have dialogue mediated by the church.

Ramos Horta said that State and Church have the same position that fugitive Alfredo Reinado should surrender and operations against him will stop immediately. (DN)

Government, UNMIT and UNPOL Handed 200 Pistols to PNTL

Government, UNMIT and UNPOL had decided to hand over 200 Pistols to build confidence to PNTL which has been reactivated and is cooperating with UNPOL in providing security in Dili.

The Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta reportedly told journalists on Tuesday (13/03) after his 'sightseeing' excursion in Dili. Horta said that the State had evaluated and assessed the worst and best actions of UNPOL afterwards will provide recommendations to UNMIT.

Horta appealed to members of PNTL who just handed over their Pistols to demonstrate good examples of behavior.

The Prime Minister said the government planned to place F-FDTL in some areas not only on the roads and in government offices.

"I think the result will be good and make PNTL happy since it 'lightens' PNTL work," added Ramos. (DN)

Joao Goncalves ­ Rogerio's Case is Fretilin's

João Gonçalves, an NP member said to journalists yesterday (13/3) that Fretilin made many decisions in solving Rogerio's case, and this means that it's Fretilin case. He said that the regulation of Fretilin party stated that a member who is involved in crime is not permitted to sit for the structure of party. Related to Rogerio's case, he had been sentenced for seven years and half. However, there is still no appeal from Appeal Tribunal on the decision of the final resolution to the case. Another NP member of Democratic Party, Rui Menezes, said that the regulation of political parties clarifies that all parties do not enlarge their ideologies and the principals programs of the parties. (DN)

Rerden: It's Difficult to Arrest Major Alfredo

The ISF believes that it will be less dificult to arrest Reinaldo if all the cooperate especially those living in Same Brig. Gen. Mal Rerden said in a Press Conference on Tuesday (13/3) in Kaikoli, Dili. He said the operation is requested by the State and government. In relation to the uniform worn by Alfredo, Rerden said that on the Mission of INTERFET there were many Australian troops in Timor-Leste. At that time some troops gave their uniforms to their East Timorese friends.

Rerden said he rejects all the public rumors that Australian Army works together with Alfredo. "We did not give uniforms to Alfredo or make friends with him. Starting from the resolution given, Alfredo became our target to arrest in order to take the democratic process to the court," said Rerden.

Rerden also said that Australian Forces did not having any political activities with Alfredo. However, he acknowledged that during the operation the black hawk damaged some houses and food belonging to the people. At the present, the ISF is working with people to repair the damaged houses.

Furthermore, Rerden said that the five people dead during the opration were placed by Alfredo as obstructions for him to run away. Rerden said that Alfredo is holding illegal weapons, a threat to ISF. Australian Forces will be remain in Timor-Leste based upon the decision of the State and the government. (STL)

Alfredo Preferred Dialogue through Catholic Church Mediation

The former Commander of Military Police, asked the ISF operations to stop; he said he needed dialogue mediated by Catholic Church as informed by Dili Diocese Bishop to Ramos Horta on Monday (12/3).

Horta asked Reinaldo to have a conscience and not to hold on to illegal weapons if he wants to see justice in this country. "There is only one way, surrender and give back the weapons and go to court in your self defense." Horta said. (STL)

Australian Forces Damaged Houses in Palapaso, Motael

Six houses in the area of Motael, Palapaso were damaged by Australian Forces on Sunday afternoon (11/3). The area is suspected as the hiding place of Leandro Isaac, an NP member, and some members of petitioners.

"I have no idea, immediately troops were all around in front of the house. They told us to lie down. They then rushed into the house and damaged doors of the house. After all that they took a mobile and brought us to another house to ask for information," Assis (one of the vctims) said. (STL)

Alfredo's Lawyer Met the High Level and Catholic Church

The nine lawyers of Alfredo, (Benevides Correia Barros, natercia barbosa, Paolo dos Remedios, Francisco Almeida, Luis Mendonca Freitas, Aderito dos Reis, Nelson de Carvalho, Francisco Nicolau, and Luis) had a meeting with Timor-Leste leaders, UNMIT and the Catholic Church a few days ago to discuss the way of solving Alfredo's case through dialogue.

The discussion of the meeting was on the Peaceful Resolution Acorrd. The lawyers asked for security services for their client, Alfredo in order to take part in the dialogue which will be under the consideration of government, UNMIT, Catholic Church and ISF.

Benevides informed that at the present, there are still radical groups who do not like Alfredo which may kill Alfredo. Furthermore, he afirmed that Alfredo's case is a case that has been dominated by political intervention." (TP)

'Killing' the instability ­ the NPP Reinforced and Supported President's Resolution

The National Parliament (NP) approved the resolution project no 88/I/5a to reinforce the declaration of President, Xanana Gusmão. The resolution passed with 54 against 1 and one abstention.

The objective of the resolution is to provide political support to Presidential recommendation as a political act, as it relates to exceptional matters which guarantee to stabilize security.

According to the Constitutional law all citizens have obligation to take part in Civil Political; the Proponent of Resolution project Joaquim dos Santos reportedly Timor Post on Tuesday 13/03 in National Parliament. (TP)

International Media Reports


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