Subject: RI and US marines considering joint military training

ANTARA News National

03/23/07 00:22

RI and US marines considering joint mily training

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian and United States marine corps reached agreement on joint military training at many levels, the US Marine Corps (USMC) Commander said here on Thursday.

Under this cooperation, the Indonesian marine corps will send two of its officers to Hawaii to discuss possibilities of the project, Lt. Gen. John F. Goodman said after a meeting with his Indonesian counterpart, Maj. Gen. Safzen Noerdin.

He also said that the US marines would like to establish such cooperation at many levels, from the lowest to the highest.

Therefore, Goodman said there would be further discussions on the cooperation in Hawaii, such as desings and plans for future cooperation.

The training, he added, could be held both in Indonesia and in the United States.

Commander of the Indonesian Marines Maj. Gen. Safzen meanwhile said he would report the USMC`s proposal to the Indonesian Navy Headquarters and the Indonesian Military Headquarters.

"We first have to establish coordination with the Navy Headquarters and the Indonesian Military (TNI) Headquarters as the decision would have to be made at higher levels," he added.

He said the two sides also agreed on a "Marine to Marine Talks" on the development of the cooperation between the two marine corps.

Previously, he added, the navies of the two countries agreed on "Navy to Navy Talks." "But, we also want a forum among the marine corps of the two countries," he said.(*)

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