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Thursday, 22 March 2007



National Media Reports

The 5 Presidential Candidates Rejected the Approval of Article 38

The members of National Parliament (NP) who approved alter or Amendment law 7/2006 on the article 38 regarding the use of political symbols on ballot papers shows that the sovereignty organs are being manipulated.

Avelino Coelho as the representative of the four other candidates stated that all the presidential candidates reject such an article since it is considered as a manipulation.

The joint declaration was represented by Dionisio Babo (Ramos Horta), João Gonçalves (Lucia Lobato), Rui Menezes (Fernando Lasama) and Abilio Lima (Francisco Xavier). (STL)

Rogerio's Lawyer has not submitted the appeal, Tribunal could execute the decision

The time for Rogerio's lawyer to submit an appeal is nearly finished by Wednesday (21/03) Rogerio's lawyer did not appear to register the appeal which may mean the decision made will be executed.

As stated by law, it should take 15 days, but if Rogerio's lawyer has not submitted the appeal within that time, the District Tribunal can implement the decision made of seven and half years of imprisonment for Rogerio. (STL)

Presidential Candidate rejects UNPol Guard

Avelino Coelho, a presidential candidate from Socialist Party of Timorense (PST) rejected UNpol guard since he has never needed protection before.

The purpose of UNPol guard within UNMIT policy is to provide security for the presidential candidates. (STL)

Ramos Horta: Party's Attributes may Delay Election Process

Ramos Horta said that the new article regarding the use of political symbols on ballot papers being presented by Fretilin which has been approved at the plenary session could delay the upcoming election.

The president of republic questioned the idea of amending an article that is already in existence. (DN and STL)

Electoral campaign starts tomorrow: Horta in Dili, Lu-Olo in Ossu, Avelino in Laclubar and Lucia in Liquiça

Based on the schedule of CNE, the first electoral campaign will start tomorrow, Thursday 23/03/2007 as the official day.

The eight candidates will campaign according to the settled schedule to compete in the upcoming presidential election on 09 April 2007.

Jose Ramos Horta will start his first campaign in GMT Dili, Lu-Olo will be in Viqueque-Ossu, Avelino Coelho in Manatuto-Laclubar, Lucia in Liquiça, Francisco Xavier do Amaral in Bobonaro-Maliana, João Carrascalão in Gleno-Ermera, Fernando de Araujo Lasama in Covalima-Suai and Manuel Tilman will be in Dili at University Dom Martinho. (DN)

Jose Reis: Election, the Major Justice

The State Secretary of Region I, Jose Reis, reportedly on Tuesday 20/03 in a District Seminar in Vemasse-Baucau, said that the general election will help to achieve justice in the country, so good conditions are preferred so that all people can take part in the democratic process. (DN)

Registration and Electoral card and Passport May used to vote

Father Martinho, the Spokesperson of CNE reportedly (Wednesday, 21/3) in Quintal Boot said that the registration card of UNTAET, the former electoral card and the current electoral card produced by STAE can be used to vote in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Another possibility is using a Passport if a person has none of these three cards. Voters who have none of these cards and no Passport will have no right to vote.

Tilman: Indigenous for President

We must vote for indigenous villagers who were not able to leave their homeland rather than vote for strangers who came to enrich themselves with our resources, said Manuel Tilman, one of the presidential candidates with a monarchical background on the PPT Conference on Wednesday (21/3). (TP)

TVTL- News Headlines 21 March 2007

President Xanana Receives Letter of Credentials

The Ambassadors of France and Pakistan presented their letter of credential to TL President, Xanana Gusmão today.

Horta Saddened With Fretilin Decision

Presidential Candidate, Ramos-Horta is saddened with Fretilin candidates for using Fretilin symbol during the presidential campaign.

Candidates Disapprove Revision of Law

Six presidential candidates held a press conference today to present their concerns regarding the electoral law saying it is violating the constitution.

PPT Supports Tilman

Partido Povo Timor (PPT) called a press conference today in Hotel Timor, Dili to state their support for Manuel Tilman due to his monarchial background.

Ramos-Horta Halts Duty during Campaign

Ramos-Horta said as of Friday, 23 March he will hand over his responsibility as PM and Minister of Defence to Deputy Prime Minister Estanislau da Silva to start his campaign as well as to stop the accusations that he is using government facilities.

Definition of Law Unclear to CNE

CNE Commissioner Fr. Martinho Gusmão said the definition of a phrase on an article pertaining to the presidential electoral laws on symbols is unclear and it is becoming a problem for CNE.

CNE Officially Launches Candidates Campaign Timetable

CNE today officially launched the presidential candidates' campaign timetable for seven candidates except for Manuel Tilman as he had not yet presented his schedule. Most of the candidates conclude their campaign in Dili.

CNRT National Commission Meet Militants in Liquiça

The national commission of Congresso Nacional Reconstrução Timor (CNRT) meets with community members in Liquiça to discuss congress scheduled to take place on March 25. Folaran, coordinator of CNRT in Liquiça said the establishment of the organization is to bring stability to the country and it would have a different symbol to that of the CNRT during the resistance. Mau Hunu is the interim president of the organization.

International Media Reports

East Timor's bounty on the mutineer 21 March 2007

© 2006 Jane's Information Group

Given the fragility of East Timor's stability, almost any event can elicit regional concern. The latest incident, involving a standoff between the fugitive military mutineer Alfredo Reinado and the government, began in late February and raised fears about an escalation of tensions and the possibility of wider violence, instigated by Reinado's supporters, taking hold in the country.

Canberra's calculations

The fugitive was one of the most high-profile deserters in early 2006, when 593 members of the 1,500-strong military mutinied over poor conditions and selective promotions based on regional preference. The imbalance in numbers between troops drawn from the eastern and the western parts of the country has resulted in the former dominating the army and allegedly discriminating against the latter. The mutiny provoked street demonstrations in April 2006, which led to rioting and gang warfare based on ethnic divisions in May.

It is this anger, combined with frustration at a government that has failed to unite the country since independence in 2002 that ensures Reinado's popularity. As such, Canberra realizes that his capture is likely to lead to ethnic violence in Dili and intensify resentment against the foreign presence in the country. This could result in attacks against international soldiers and civilian administrators and greatly undermine Canberra's key foreign policy objective in East Timor: to play a leading and possibly open-ended role in ensuring political stability.

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]


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