Subject: AN: Commission expects no change of policy in E. Timor towards KKP

03/26/07 06:08

Commission expects no change of policy in E. Timor towards KKP

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia-East Timor Commission of Truth and Friendship (KKP) hopes that no change of policy will happen in Timor Leste towards the commission following the general election in the neighboring country later this year.

"I hope the KKP will run as usual whoever will be elected East Timor president," KKP member from East Timor, Jacinto Alves, said in reply to a newsman`s question here about the possibility of a policy change in that country following the general election to take place there soon.

He said he hoped the KKP would remain handling the settlement of incidents that happened around the vote in East Timor in 1999.

He said he could not guarantee that there would be no change of policy but offered some arguments why East Timor had to maintain the commission.

"Based on past experience, confrontation as a means of solving problems will not bring any benefit to East Timor," he said.

He said East Timor would not get anything if its closest neighbors, namely Indonesia and Australia, isolated it.

"Being a friend to our neighbours is a better choice," he said.

He said there was neither a guarantee that s formal settlement (through a court) would solve the residual problems existing in East Timor's relations with Indonesia.

"Trials by a human rights tribunal have already been carried out but there was no settlement while there were so many cases that could not be handled," he said.

"I think, the reconciliation process through the KKP has been more helpful than the court process," he said.

Asked about some parties who had rejected the KKP's efforts, Jacinto said he had ever had the same experience when he was a member of East Timor's commission of Reconciliation and Fact Finding (CAVR).

"Initially people rejected the CAVR but later its results were accepted by all parties. I hope the same will happen with the results of the KKP," he said.

East Timor plans to hold a general election on April 9 this year. (*)

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