Subject: Timor Leste Starts Literacy Campaign

Timor Leste Starts Literacy Campaign

Dili, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) Timor Leste started a literacy campaign on Monday, through the Cuban method "Yo Si Puedo" (Yes, I Can).

The opening ceremony was presided over by acting Prime Minister Estanislao da Silva, who was grateful to Cuba and President Fidel Castro having facilitated the methodology used in several countries.

Da Silva highlighted the importance of this campaign because when a people learn to read and write can not be manipulated, and exercise better democracy.

Talking on the Cuban method's kindnesses, Timor Leste Education and Culture Minister Rosaria Maria Corte de Real stated that her country's illiteracy of almost one million inhabitants affect 50 percent of people older than 15 years.

Cuban ambassador Ramon Hernandez, who also led the audience, outlined his country's experiences with this new method and exhorted all the society's factors to work together to also declare Timor Leste a territory free of illiteracy.

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