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Thursday, 29 March 2007


National Media Reports

Presidential Candidates Start Insulting each other

Silveiro Pinto, the Assistant to the Director of Provedor Direitos Humanos said that some presidential candidates tended to insult others when giving out their programs, as reported by PDHJ.

He also said that insulting may not educate the voters but showing their incapability.

"We already met the president of CNE to explain the issue',"Pinto said. (TP)

Government Transferring US$ 20,000 to Candidates

The Interim Prime Minister, Estanislao da Silva, during the Press Conference at his office (Wednesday28/3) in Fomento, stated that the government has transferred US$ 20,000.00 to each candidate by bank transfer. He also stated that other funds have been allocated to CNE to pay its officers.

He added that the assistance provided by UNDP is US $80 million and had been transferred. In addition, the plan of government is that CNE will get 15 cars to facilitate its activities during the election period. (TP)

Xanana is Ready to Be the Prime Minister

The Former Commander of Falintil and recent president of Timor-Leste, Kayrala Xanana Gusmão told Journalists on Wednesday (28/3) at Xanana Reading Room in Lecidere that he is ready to run for Prime Minister if CNRT are victorious in the legislative election. (DN)

Thomas Cabral: STAE remain impartial

Answering the statement of Father Martinho, the Spokesperson of CNE about the STAE's impartiality, Thomas Cabral, the Director of STAE, reportedly said on Wednesday (28/2) that STAE remains impartial and transparent. (DN)

Ballots papers will be Printed in Dili

The Director and Secretary of STAE, Thomas Cabral, at the STAE office on Wednesday (28/03) reportedly said that the ballot papers will be printed in Dili and the ISF will provide major security for this. (DN)

Avelino in Vemasse: "Not Using Violence to Solve Problems"

The presidential candidate, Avelino Coelho from PST faced provocation from unidentified groups on his fifth day campaign in the Sub-district Vemasse, Baucau on Wednesday (28/03).

In answering the provocation, Avelino said that people have the right to hear the other presidential candidates' programs because people want to exert their fundamental right to elect a good president to serve and rule this country. (DN)

Tilman in Ermera: "I will reconstruct the PNTL and the F-FDTL"

The presidential candidate of KOTA, Manuel Tilman at his sixth campaign in Gleno, Ermera District on Wednesday (28/03) said that if he is elected he will rebuild the PNTL and F-FDTL institutions professionally to deal with any kind of violence in the country. (DN)

Horta in Viqueque: "I will pay attention to the Veterans"

The presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta at his sixth campaign in Viqueque District on Wednesday 28/03 presented one of his programmes, namely that he will pay attention to all veterans who resisted for 24 years during the occupation period. (DN)

CNE Approved symbols used on the ballots papers

At the Press Conference held at the CNE office in Quintal Boot, Dili (Wednesday 28/3) the Spokesperson of CNE, Father Martinho Gusmão, reportedly said that currently CNE has approved the symbols being used on the ballot papers of presidential candidates. (DN)

Joaquim: "CNE is competent to deal with the electoral process"

In answering to the statement of the spokesperson of CNE, Father Martinho Gusmão, who said that CNE is not competent to talk with the Government about financial aid, the NP member of Committee A, Joaquim dos Santos, at National Parliament on Wednesday (28/03) stated that CNE has the right and is fully competent to do everything necessary for the success of the election as stated in their job description, including coordinating financial issues with the existed government. (DN)

One Week into the Presidential Campaign, the Situation in the Capital remains Calm

The presidential candidates' campaigns have been going for one week in Dili and across the districts and sub-districts. The situation in the capital remains calm, and no significant conflicts or incidents have taken place. (DN)

Former Bishop Belo calls for Reconciliation in Timor Leste

The Former Bishop Belo on the Truth and Friendships Commission between Republic Indonesia (RI) and Timor Leste in Jakarta on Monday 26/03 called for reconciliation in Timor Leste to create peace in the country.

"As a Timorese I say that reconciliation is best and very important for Timor Leste and it must start from within Timor Leste itself." (STL)

Railos: even if Rogerio were imprisoned for 50 years, the crisis would not be resolved

Even if the Ex Minister of Interior Rogerio Tiago Lobato were sentenced to 50 years prison, the crisis would not be resolved, Vicente da Conceicao Alias Railos told journalists when attending the National Conference of CNRT at Xanana Reading Room Lecidere on Wednesday 28/03.

Railos added that the best alternative is to make Maputo's Group disappear (Alkatiri's group in Fretilin) by gaining victory in this election. (STL)

Government Allocated URP at Dili Port Security Station

The Ministry of Interior, Alcino Barris said that starting from yesterday the Unidade Reserva Polisia (URP) had been deployed to at Dili Port Security station to guarantee the security of all businessmen's goods.

"Actually we are ordered here by the Ministry of the Interior. We call for all businessmen exporters and importers for not to doubt the security because we will guarantee security,"said the Commander of URP Andre Martins at Dili port on Wednesday (28/03).

He added that they also will coordinate with UNPOL if any disturbances occur outside of Dili Port and that people who want to enter Dili port will have to bring complete documentation. (STL)


28 March, 2007

Election Campaign

Xavier do Amaral did not campaign in Viqueque as scheduled due to distance and time. He was represented by Maria Valadares. Many people did not participate in the political gathering due to threats and intimidation. Amaral will campaign in Lautem on Thursday.

There were some provocations during candidate Avelino Coelho campaign in Vemasse, Baucau district. Coelho told participants in his gathering that violence would not help and those people creating confusion should present the reason for their problems and try working it out adding the citizens had the right to listen to all the candidates before exercising their rights

TVTL repeated Lucia Lobato, Joao Carrascalão and Lu-Olo campaign which were broadcasted on Wednesday evening edition.

Ramos-Horta said he was saddened with the incident in Lospalos between Fretilin and Fretilin Mudansa and appealed for national unity. He said the attack on Fretilin Mudansa is being investigated by UNPOL adding he is sad that Fretilin is divided and welcomes everybody that supports him.

Manuel Tilman campaign in Betano/Same by pledging to use the revenues of Timor Sea to provide assistance to the elders noting that the country is rich but the people are not benefiting from it. One of the population present as Tilman to assist the agriculturist and help their children education. His next campaign is in the west.

Xavier Amaral in Manufahi focuses on Dom Boaventura as the national symbol and said he is ready to continue the efforts of Dom Boaventura. Amaral and sympathizers traveled around the city and stopped at the local market place for the gathering. Many national and international observers are following the campaign.

Fernando Araujo Lasama told those present in Aileu during his campaign that his aim is to focus on humanity laws, love and mutual respect and Timor-Leste culture. His convoy traveled around the center of Aileu. Lasama said if he becomes the president he would push the government to authorize the catholic or protest church to be in charge of the primary school as they are the ones prepared.

On his 5th day campaign in Baucau, Avelino Coelho told TVTL that the medals awards to former combatants of the resistance is worthless as they continue to live in poor condition and without financial assistant and continue to be unemployed and there are no benefits for their children as well. He says if he wins the election he will create a pension system for the former combatants.

President Gusmão Participation in the Congress

President Gusmão participated about one hour in CNRT congress on Wednesday and express his willingness to be part of the new political party put their trust on him in order to give hope to the people. Gusmão said he is sad for not being able to bring national unity during his mandate as president of the country.

Subsidies for Candidates

Interim Prime Minister Estanislau da Silva, said US$7500 has been transferred from Banking Payments Authority (BPA) to the presidential candidates. Da Silva further said another US$12,000 will be transferred for them and the State is also providing vehicles to CNE during the election.

Government and UNICEF Signs Agreement

The Government and UNICEF signed an agreement in establishing ‘Centro Escola Amigas'/ Friendly School Centre with the aim to train teachers and have a center where the teachers can access information and take part in other programs as well.

CNE Approves Ballot Symbols

Speaking during a press conference, CNE spokesperson, Fr. Martinho Gusmão said following extensive discussion a decision was reached on the ballot symbols and that the candidates are free to choose their symbols. Presidential candidates chosen their own symbols are Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo and Manuel Tilman would use their political party symbol, Ramos-Horta, Francisco Xavier Amaral and Lucia Lobato would use the RDTL symbol and Fernando Araujo Lasama and Joao Carrascalão would not use any symbol.

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]


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