Subject: One Million Consultations by Cuban Doctors in East Timor

One Million Consultations by Cuban Doctors in East Timor

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Agencia Cubana de Noticias (AIN) 

One Million Consultations by Cuban Doctors in East Timor

Havana, May 2 (acn) Cuban doctors serving in East Timor have already made more than one million patient consultations, reported Dr. Alberto Rignak Vaz, coordinator of Cuba's international medical brigade in East Timor.

Dr. Rignak noted that the Cuban physicians have carried out 1,720 operations, have assisted some 8,100 women during childbirth and have rehabilitated nearly 6,300 patients.

According to PL news agency, the Cuban specialists have saved 8,212 lives in East Timor, one of the three poorest nations in Asia.

Cuban humanitarian assistance to East Timor began in 2004 after Cuban President Fidel Castro met with his Timorese counterpart Xanana Gusmao during a meeting held in 2003.

At present, 228 doctors, 23 nurses and 40 technicians -including anaesthesiologists and radiologists- from Cuba are serving in East Timor.

Cuba is also contributing to the training of 105 doctors in 12 districts of the country and to the preparation of 700 Timorese students who are currently studying medicine in Cuba.

In addition, 11 Cuban professors have trained 400 teachers in the Cuban literacy method "Yes, I can" which will be shortly implemented in a national literacy campaign.

East Timor attained its independence from Indonesia through a referendum in 1999 and established its first sovereign government, led by Xanana Gusmao, in 2002.

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