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Thursday, 3 May 2007



National Media Reports

Lu-Olo: “Fretilin only has only one candidate”

At a press conference on Wednesday (02/05) at the Central Committee of Fretilin (CCF) in Comoro Dili, presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo affirmed that there is only one presidential candidate of Fretilin.

Lu-Olo questioned why Ramos Horta used Fretilin in his presidential campaign.

He explained that Horta left Fretilin in 1984, so he should not speak as a member or candidate of Fretilin. (DN and TP)

Horta discusses security issues with the political parties

Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Jose Manuel Ramos Horta held a meeting on Wednesday (02/05) at his residence with the political parties supporting him to discuss security issues during the run-off presidential election.

“It is important to prepare for incidents of intimidation especially in areas such as Viqueque, Baucau and Los palos - not only during the presidential run-off but also during the parliamentary election,” said Horta.

The meeting was attended by PSD, PD, ASDT, PMD, UNDERTIM, PST, and Fretilin ‘Reformist,’ including the youth representative from Viqueque district. (DN)

Australian forces find gun and cash in Fretilin cars: Ramos Horta

In response to the accusation by presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta that Australian forces found weapons and cash in Fretilin’s cars during Lu-Olo’s campaign, the Fretilin campaign coordinator for Ermera district, Domingos Sarmento, said that he would bring the Australian forces to the tribunal if no evidence is found on the case. (TP and STL)

UN report on 1st round of election: Horta accuses STAE of manipulation

Presidential candidate Jose Ramos Horta reportedly said that the UN report on the first round of elections stated that there were many incidents of manipulation by STAE, the government and Fretilin. (TP)

IRI providing training to almost 700 members of political parties

A press statement from USAID on Wednesday (02/05) stated that USAID through the IRI will continually support Timor-Leste in the electoral process. Currently, it provides training to almost 700 members of political parties; 50 participants are women.

The training focuses on the development of messages, campaign strategy and internal communications.

“The trainings provide new idea on how to approach our supporters a campaign,” said a participant. (TP)

Fretilin’s leaders concerned with ISF presence

After officiating the inauguration of a library last Saturday (28/4) in Bercoli village, the Leader of the Fretilin party, Jose Maria dos Reis, said that he was concerned by the presence of the International Stabilization Forces (ISF) across the country, particularly in region I (Los palos, Baucau, and Viqueque).

He said that the ISF in the eastern region do not coordinate with local authorities. (TP)

CVA: big money, no results

According to the report from the Human Rights and Justice Association, the work of The Commission of Truth and Friendship (CVA) between Timor-Leste and Indonesia spent much money but did not achieve any major results.

CVA, which was set up to establish the truth regarding the referendum, will begin a third round of questioning today. (TP)

Resignation: Ramos Horta waiting for an official letter from CCF

Prime Minster Jose Ramos Horta said that he is prepared to resign when he receives the official letter from the Central Committee of Fretilin (CCF).

Horta said that before taking any decisions, CCF should consult with the president of the republic, Xanana Gusmão. (STL)

CNE is not impartial

Fretilin’s vice secretary-general, Jose Manuel Fernandes, observed that the CNE was not impartial during the first presidential election by only publicly declaring complaints against Fretilin. (STL)

Some candidates buying votes

CNE spokesperson Fr. Martinho Gusmão and Maria Angelina Lopes Sarmento told journalists at a press conference on Wednesday (02/05) that the National Elections Commission (CNE) received complaints from several districts, namely in Dili, Ermera, Viqueque, Suai and Manatuto, that some candidates started distributing rice and giving money to gain votes for the runoff presidential election. (STL)

HNGV will go on strike if the government does not move the IDPs

The National Hospital of Guido Valadares (HNGV) threatened to go on strike following threats to their doctors and nurses by unidentified groups.

Some windows of the hospital were destroyed and some IDPs were injured.

“It is better for us to be on strike rather than become victims of their actions. We will publicly announce this and confirm that no treatments will take place during this period,” said a doctor. (STL)

Ramos Horta questions the money found on Lu-Olo’s followers

Presidential candidate Jose Manuel Ramos Horta questioned whether the money (US$5.000) and weapons found by the ISF on Lu-Olo’s campaigners belonged to the government or Fretilin.

The Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento said the money belonged to the government to fund several projects in Ermera, while Fretilin’s Antonio Lima claimed that the money belonged to him. (STL)

STAE violates electoral law

The Chairperson of Joint Commission Monitoring of General Election (KOMEG) Fr. Agostinho de Jesus Soares reportedly said that the attitude of the STAE Director, who did not allow entrance to the CNE commissioners, went against electoral law No. 5/2006.

Fr. Agostinho de Jesus Soares on Wednesday (02/05) said that the CNE has the authority to control the electoral process.

International Media Reports

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Semanario Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)


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