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Friday, 4 May 2007



National Media Reports

Jose da Costa: alliances between parties have no impact on other political parties

The Dean of Faculty of Political Science of National University, Jose da Costa Magno speaking to journalist on Thursday (3/5) said that the alliances between political parties will have no crucial impact on other parties, since each party has its own strategies to gain the votes.

"Since the first parliamentary election, they allied and there were no consequences for others," said Magno.

Vote for Horta, vote for capitalism

A member of National Parliament from Fretilin, Joaquim dos Santos speaking to journalists yesterday (3/5) said that voting for Ramos Horta means voting for feudalism and capitalism since Ramos Horta is supported by opportunists and capitalists.

Mr. Joaquim also questioned why Ramos Horta accused Fretilin of backing the crisis.

"Ramos Horta was part of the government, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is the one negotiating here and there, why does the crisis still exist?" said Joaquim.

Domingos Sarmento: Ramos Horta using blanket politics

Domingos Sarmento, the Minister of Justice at his office in Caicoli, Dili on Wednesday (2/5) said that during the campaign Ramos Horta used to say that Fretilin was using money politics, however Horta is using blanket politics over people in Deleixo village in Ermera 24 hours before presidential election in April 9.

Mr. Sarmento said that Ramos Horta got most votes in that village because he provided blankets and preserved food to the villagers.

"He used to accuse Fretilin, but he himself is using blanket politics to buy votes," said Sarmento

Railos: "I am the militia that was formed by Fretilin"

In response to the declaration of presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo that he is a militiaman, Vicente da Conceição Railos said that he agreed with Lu-Olo's statement.

"…Last year, Fretilin distribbuted weapons to us to kill and intimidate people. People in Liquica recognize me as a member of a group of terrorists, not just a group of militiamen," said Railos via mobile yesterday (3/5). (STL)

CNE dos not authorize STAE to give observer cards to the members of government

In answering the statement from some ministers concerning the provision of ID cards for the members of government to be VIP observers for the runoff election, the spokesperson of CNE Fr. Martinho Gusmão reportedly said that CNE does not authorize STAE to do that.

He added that CNE has sent a letter to STAE in demanding that they do not issue such cards. (DN)

UNPol presented Sarmento-Somoco's Case to the general prosecutor

The case of the Minister of Justice, Domingos Sarmento and Vice Minister of Interior, Agostinho Sequeira Samoco, has been presented to the prosecutor general by UNPol.

The spokesperson of UNPol, Monica Rodriguez said that weapons, Rama Ambons and cash (US$5.000) found by Australian forces in the possession of the campaign team of presidential candidate Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo in Ermera were presented to the prosecutor general of republic in the last few days.

"It is true that the case concerning the electoral campaign of presidential candidate Lu-Olo in Ermera is now under investigation and has been presented to the general prosecutor, for further information please contact the prosecutor general," explained Monica via phone on Thursday (3/5). (STL)

Run-off election, UNPol provided maximum security

After the weekly meeting with President of Republic, Xanana Gusmão on Thursday (3/5) at Palacio das Cinzas Caicoli Dili, the Second vice Prime Minister, Rui Maria de Araujo told journalists that the government of Timor-Leste cooperates with UNMIT, UNPol and ISF to provide maximum attention to security and improve the system of security for the run-off presidential election.

He added that UNMIT, UNPol and ISF brief the council ministry on the affected places in the districts and in Dili. (STL and TP)

PD will have a coalition after general election

The Democratic Party (PD) will make a coalition after the general election 2007/2012 period for the reason that PD is not prepared to make coalition before parliamentary election and politically it is not a strategic priority for PD.

"after the result of the parliamentary election we can see the percentage achieved which by the coalition party, then we will create a coalition together to form government and opposition," said Rui Menezes on Thursday (3/5) in national parliament. (STL)

F-FDTL will be deployed at the national hospital

The vice Minister of Health, Luis Lobato speaking to the journalists on Thursday (3/5) in the National Hospital (HNGV), Bidau Dili, said that the government is planning to deploy F-FDTL in the HNGV to provide security to the doctors, nurses and patients.

"We have security provided by UNPol and ISF (New Zealand). I think we will deploy F-FDTL in HNGV if there is no ultimate solution for this matter," said Luis. (STL and DN)

Press should be courageous

Member of parliament from Social Democratic Party (PSD), Maria Paixão, called for all media outlets in Timor-Leste to be courageous in dedicating their life to the society.

"I congratulate to all press in Timor-Leste and I demand them to work constantly to provide information because the reality shows that the politicians could not access the current information without the press," said Paixão on Thursday (3/4) on World Press Freedom Day. (STL)

Leandro blames Fretilin Leaders supporting

The member of national parliament and supporter of fugitive Alfredo Reinado Leandro Isaac, accused Fretilin of giving major support to the operation of the International Stabilization Forces (ISF) to capture Alfredo Reinado and his men. Moreover, the operation only persists thanks to this support.

Leandro admired the declaration of president of republic Xanana Gusmão and Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta to halt the operation.

Leandro said that Fretilin, through its leaders, such as president of national parliament Lu-Olo and vice of Prime Minister Estanislau da Silva, have always been against halting the operation on Alfredo and there is no agreement in the high level committee about this matter.

"I would cease the operation now, however Estanislau and Lu-Olo reject this on the grounds that there is no agreement to halt the operation. The operation is also supported by the majority of the members of national parliament after ISF attacked to Alfredo's camp in Same in last two month," said Leandro on Tuesday (01/5) in Same-Manufahi. (TP)

Alfredo occupies strategic sites across Timor-Leste

The member of national parliament Leandro Isaac reportedly said that the fugitive Alfredo Reinado Alves has occupied all the strategic sites across the country.

In response to the strategic places mentioned, Leandro stated that 80% of the strategic places are in the west region; however he doesn't know the other strategic places in the eastern region.

Leandro revealed that after the raid by ISF on Sunday (4/3) in Same, about 70-80 members of Alfredo's group fled with 30 automatic weapons. (TP)

Lu-Olo demands that Horta declare his wealth

The presidential candidate from Fretilin Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo told journalists on Thursday (3/5) through a press conference that his adversary Jose Ramos Horta seeks to flee away from his moral obligation to declare his wealth by a letter, so Lu-Olo demands that Horta declare his wealth publicly.

Furthermore he said he has declared his wealth in a letter on 23 April. (DN)

Attack on journalists means an attack against international law

The Secretary General of the United Nation Ban Ki-Moon delivered his message on freedom of the international press on Thursday (3/5).

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated that the UN is mandated to act as a defender of the free presses.

He also stated that an attack on the free press is an attack on international law, humanity, freedom and all things which the United Nations struggles for. (TP)

The General Prosecutor: no comment on Railos' case

The prosecutor general, Longuinhos Monteiro did not want to comment on the case of ex secret armed commander of Fretilin Vicente da Conceição Railos.

"We have no time to comment publicly on Railos because the prosecutor general has too many tasks," said Longuinhos through his secretary via the phone on Thursday (3/5). (TP)

Presidential Candidates are not providing a good program during the campaign

The president of Christian Democratic Party (PDC) Antonio Ximenes and the better sector manager of world vision in East Timor Agosto Ferreira Soares separately told journalists on Thursday (3/5) that the campaign of both presidential candidates Jose Ramos Horta and Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo in the rural areas are preoccupied with personalities and that people do not believe them.

International Media Reports


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