Subject: KY: Guterres calls on supporters to accept new E. Timor president

Also ABC: Fretilin cites 'big job ahead' in E Timor

Friday May 11, 6:38 PM

Guterres calls on supporters to accept new E. Timor president

(Kyodo) _ Parliamentary Speaker Francisco Guterres, who lost this week's presidential election in East Timor, congratulated Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta on Friday and called on his own supporters to accept the results and not express disappointment through violence.

In final results released Friday, the National Election Commission announced that Ramos-Horta, a political independent, got 69 percent of the votes cast Wednesday.

"I would like to confer my congratulations to Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta for his victory in the elections to be the president of the country," Guterres said at a press conference at the headquarters of his party, the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor, which is better known as Fretilin.

He expressed hope Ramos-Horta will guarantee national sovereignty and uphold national unity.

Guterres also congratulated five candidates who were eliminated in the first round for backing Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ramos-Horta in the runoff, adding the voters had made the right choice in electing Ramos-Horta.

"You have made a correct choice, you have chosen the best Timorese, a person that is known to everyone and has the most competence to be the president of the nation," Guterres said.



May 12, 2007

Fretilin cites 'big job ahead' in E Timor

Anne Barker

East Timor's ruling Fretilin party has acknowledged that it has a big job ahead to retain government at next month's parliamentary elections.

The party suffered a crushing defeat in this week's presidential poll as interim prime minister Jose Ramos Horta romped home with 69 per cent of the vote.

Fretilin's party president Francisco Guterres won 31 per cent. Dr Ramos Horta will be sworn in next week.

Mr Guterres says it appears at least 10,000 Fretilin supporters abandoned the party to vote for Dr Ramos Horta.

He has acknowledged Fretilin faces a big task to retain office in parliamentary elections at the end of June.

But he has urged the Fretilin membership not to lose confidence in the electoral process.

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