Subject: XN: Dispute on renegade soldier can be settled by law: XG

Source: Xinhua

Dispute on renegade soldier can be settled by law: Timor Leste president

Timor Leste President Xanana Gusmao said here on Friday that he expected the dispute over the settlement of the case of renegade soldier Major Alfredo Reinado could be overcome through legal process.

President Gusmao made the statement on his prepared speech at the ceremony of handing over of his position of the highest commander of the Armed Forces of Timor Leste, due to his seeking for re-election for this tiny nation's prime minister in June.

"He has delivered a petition through his lawyer to me, stressing that he would like to obey the law in Timor Leste," said Gusmao.

After sacked by controversial former prime minister Mari Alkatiri in last April, Major Alfredo Reinado led 600 descended soldiers for resistance, triggering violence that killed more than 23 people in the capital of Dili and displaced more than 30,000 others.

The violence then sparked to street gang fighting in the new country.

The situation then was temporarily quelled after thousands of <>Australian-led multi-national troops' arrival in Dili.

"He also would like to have a dialogue, and it is hoped that this case could be overcome fairly,"said Gusmao.

The authorities in the country have decided to stop military operation to pursue Reinado.

Street-gang fighting, rivalry among the political leaders, and rebellion of security forces, are among the problems hit the nation.

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