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Thursday, 8 November 2007


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Alfredo Reinado: asking people to be calm Alfredo Reinado has asked people to remain calm and wait for the information and dialogue throughout the districts.

“It is my moral responsibility going to go districts and inform people that they should wait for the process of dialogue,” said Mr. Reinado on Friday (2/11) in Same. (STL)

IDPs protesting: distribution of expired food IDPs in the Arte Moris, Comoro on Wednesday (7/11) strongly protested against the United Nations agency, World Food Program (WFP) stating the food it distributes is passed its use-by date.

According to the camp manager, Augusto Soares, the oil and beans are expired. (TP)

Issuing arrest warrant: the task of police The Vice Director of Judicial System Monitoring Program (JSMP), Casmiro dos Santos said that according to the Penal Code of Timor-Leste only the police can capture members of the public, not the military.

Mr. Dos Santos also said that the request of Judge Ivo of the Dili District Court to International Security Forces (ISF) to arrest Reinado needs clarification.

“The mandate issued to ISF to arrest Reinado has no transparency; JSMP has no information about the bilateral accord between the government and ISF.

Many people know that the bilateral accord has not been ratified by the national parliament,” said Mr. Dos Santos. (TP)

Jose Luis Guterres: audit to previous government to be clarified The Vice Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres has endorsed the international audit of the previous government.

According to Mr. Guterres, an audit is a normal procedure when requested by the president

”The audit will clarify information about the truth, rather than just accusing others.” said Mr. Guterres on Wednesday (7/11) in Dili. (DN)

ISF rejects arrest warrant to Alfredo The Spokesperson for the International Security Forces, Robert Barnes said that the Prosecutor General has sent an arrest warrant to the ISF, without the support of the Government.

“Last week the General Prosecutor sent us an arrest warrant to capture Reinado, but the president of the republic asked ISF not to do so,” said the spokesperson. (DN)

Duarte Nunes: never questioning again the presence of ISF Duarte Nunes, a member of the national parliament said that it is not the time to continually question the presence of the ISF, as Timor-Leste is still unable to provide security by itself.

Mr. Nunes also said that sometimes unwanted incidents by ISF occur, because they are asked by UNPol and PNTL to give assistance. (DN)

TL to participate in the General Assembly of UN A delegation consisting of eight Timorese people will take part in the UN General Assembly (GA) of 2007.

The importance of taking participation in the debate in the GA is to provide assistance to other countries when needed; and also knowing the working mechanisms of the United Nations. (DN)

International Media Reports

Timor's unpredictable rebel: Alfredo Reinado ABC Radio National: Background Briefing Alfredo Reinado is young, Australian trained, armed and ready for a fight. From a mountain hideout (where he says he can order pizza and cappuccino) Reinado challenges and mocks East Timorese President Ramos Horta and the government, saying he will die rather than give in on his demand for a fair justice system. Reporter, Chris Bullock.

For a full copy of the transcript, please visit.

Insight into East Timor 8th November 2007 02:05:30 AM Star News Group

Former First Lady of East Timor Kirsty Sword Gusmao will speak at The Rotary Club of Berwick’s annual Charity Dinner on 30 November.

A FORMER First Lady of East Timor will be a special guest at The Rotary Club of Berwick’s annual Charity Dinner later this month.

Kirsty Sword Gusmao has accepted an invitation to visit Berwick and be the keynote speaker at the group’s major function on Friday, 30 November.

Born in Melbourne in 1966, Ms Gusmao has an amazing story to tell of how she came to meet and marry Xanana Gusmao. Mr Gusmao is now the Prime Minister of East Timor after previously being the country’s president.

She graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), majoring in Indonesian and Italian while also gaining a Diploma of Education.

Ms Gusmao established in 2002 the Alola Foundation to address the needs of East Timorese women and their families, who had been badly treated by the years of occupation and civil unrest.

The Alola Foundation programs have been expanded over recent years and cover education, health and domestic violence issues. The major beneficiary to the Rotary Club of Berwick Charity-Business Dinner is the Alola Foundation. Other beneficiaries include local Windermere Kids in Crisis Agency. The public can apply for tickets from the Rotary Club of Berwick. Events details are Friday, 30 November at 6.45pm for 7.15pm at Akoonah Park Centre, Berwick.

Tickets are $95 per person and include a three-course meal and drinks. For tickets and more information contact David Grant on 9707 4094 or Geoff Rankin on 9769 4459.

NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES: Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional (DN) Semanario Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)


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