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Monday, 08 October 2007


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National Media Reports

** UN Secretary General and members of Security Council to visit Timor-Leste

President Jose Ramos-Horta said that the Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon and an African-led delegation of the Security Council will visit Timor-Leste in the near future.

Speaking to the journalists at a press conference on Saturday (6/10) after returning from New York, he said that the visit is already confirmed and will be announced.

"The Secretary-General told me that he wants to visit Timor-Leste in the near future. He has the opportunity to visit Asia and use that time to visit Timor-Leste," said President Ramos-Horta. (DN)

** Prime Minister Xanana, IDP and veteran's problem is very complex

The Prime Minister Xanana Gusm? said that the problem of IDPs and veterans are not the major priority for the new government and they are very complex to solve.

Speaking about the IDPs, Prime Minister Xanana Gusm? said that the government has promised to solve the issue with responsibility and sensibility.

On the issue of veterans, the Prime Minister said that a Commission had been established in the national parliament to discuss any possibilities to give pensions to the veterans  based on their services to the nation. (DN)

** PR Ramos-Horta, arrest mandate to capture Alfredo does not impede the dialogue

President Jose Ramos-Horta said that the mandate issued by International Judge Ivo Rosa to capture Alfredo Reinado and his groups will not impede the process of dialogue between Reinado and the government.

"The mandate to capture will not impede the process of the dialogue, because the process of the dialogue may bring him to submit himself to the justice.

So, it will take sometime; I prefer it to take longer than for it to happen quickly. Justice will come," said President Ramos-Horta on Saturday (6/10). (DN)

** Proposal of Transitional Budget Passed

After a two day debate, the members of the National Parliament approved the general budget bill for transitional period.

The Fretilin party, voted against the budget proposal in line with it's anti-government stance since its formation. (STL)

** Government will pay $2 Thousand for Veteran Subsidy

The Government will pay $2 thousand as a subsidy to veterans even though it was not included in government proposal of budget bill for transitional period.

Most of the Parliamentary Members accepted the proposal to pay the veterans (STL)

** Pipe Line to Timor-Leste, Woodside Present the Option to Government

The Woodside Company has presented five options ? that include submissions from civil society -  to government in relation to the gas pipe line to East Timor.

"Now we want to talk about the options, regarding Great Sun Rise exploration", said Mr. Alfredo Pires, Secretary of State for Natural Resources. (STL)

International Media Reports

Final struggle for the Indonesia-East Timor Commission
08 October 2007
International Justice Tribune

On September 24, the Truth and Friendship Commission, jointly established by Indonesia and East Timor in 2005, opened its final series of public hearings. They are being held for the first time in Dili, the capital of East Timor.

The Taipei Times reports that the Commission, tasked with investigating the violence that followed East Timor's 1999 vote for independence, has heard from Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, who led the fight for independence and spent seven years in prison in Jakarta.

A district official testified against high-ranking officers in the Indonesian army, claiming to have received the order from them to create a militia to prevent independence. According to the newspaper, the witness added that the former governor of the province, Abilio Soares, deceased in early 2007, had also ordered the militia to kill the independence supporters as well as church leaders.

Around 70 demonstrators protested before the Commission on September 25, calling for its dissolution. One of their banners read, "Justice should go through the courts, not through compromise."

 Justice Memo - 2007

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