Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 15 October 2007

Monday, 15 October 2007


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National Media Reports

Xanana: Transitional Budget Will Be Implemented

The Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has confirmed that the Government will implement the transitional budget for two and half months. (TP)

Government Promises to Resolve the Alfredo Problem within two months
Prime Minister Xanana Gusm? has promised to resolve the issues of internally displaced persons and the fugitive Alfredo Reinado in next two months.

"All of these problems should be resolved by the end of this year," said Mr. Prime Minister. (TP)

Xanana: Malnutrition and Famine Will Be Avoided
The Prime Minister Xanana Gusm? has promised the East-Timorese people that there will not be famine in the future.

"Women will be essential in contributing to the fight against famine and malnutrition in the future," said Mr. Prime Minister. (TP)

Fire PNTL Member Involve in Politic
The Former Falintil Commander for Region IV, Ernesto Fernandes alias "Dudu" has insisted to Government that any police members involved in political activities, political parties, illegal groups or found committing crimes should be sacked.

"Last year's political crisis happened because PNTL members could not work impartially or neturally.

Therefore most of them have to be screened before returning to service," said "Dudu". (STL)

Timor Leste Needs 6,000 Police
The Secretary of State for Security, Mr. Francisco Guterres said that Timor Leste still needs a total of 6000 of police members to strengthen national security.

That number includes 1000 for the Special Operations Unit (SOU), and a further 5000 police officers for community policing service and administration. (STL)

Government Has Commitment to Improve Quality of Life
The Prime Minister Xanana Gusm? said that the Government has a strong commitment to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

He said an essential aspect of this will be to ensure sustainability of food security in the rural areas. (STL)

Mari Alkatiri: Government Will Bury Itself
The Former Prime Minister, Mr. Mari Alkatiri, said that the government will bury itself due of no planning or ability to execute the budget.

His comments come even though the budget has been approved by National Parliament. (DN)

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