Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 19 October 2007

Friday, 19 October 2007


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National Media Reports

Timor Telecom is defending itself

The recording of the phone call is false: Timor Telecom Company (TT) reacted strongly to the recording of the conversation between the Prosecutor General, former Parliament member Liandro Izack and former Chief of Cabinet, Mr. Hermengildo Pereira. They rejected the issue, saying that TT does not have the kind of equipment needed to record phone calls. They added that if anyone has the evidence to the contrary it should be presented to the court. (TP)

Massacre on 25 may 2006: the witnesses don't know who fired first

Three F-FDTL members, named Joao da Silva, Olderico da Silva, and Sabino dos Santos, who are the witnesses to the killing of eight PNTL members in front of Ministry of Justice office, gave their statement during the trial yesterday, 18 October. They all stated that no-one knows who first fired shots.

Horta authorizes foreigners to visit Atauro with a travel permit

The President of Republic Ramos Horta has authorized fishermen and Indonesian businessmen who work near the border to be able to come and do their business in Atauro with only a travel permit (TP)

Mario tells Alkatiri not to talk too much

The MP from the PSD party Mario Viegas Carascalao asked Alkatiri not to talk too much, since the FRETILIN Government fell due to people not being happy with Fretilin. (STL)

National Parliament makes false accusation against Timor Telecom

The executive chief of Timor Telecom, Jose Berdao de Souza stated that MPs made false accusations against his company, because Timor Telecom doesn't have the equipment to record clients' conversations. (STL)

The Youth from Kintal Boot threatening to take the ISF to Court

Youth from Kintal Boot are threatening to take ISF to court if it does not present strong evidence in its defence regarding the alleged "torture" of victim Abilio Fatima (STL)

Alkatiri: Horta is a dictator

MP Alkatiri said that since Ramos Horta has responded to the conversation recording issue by calling FRETILIN communist, the appropriate response is that he is a dictator. (STL)

The Government needs to fix the immigration framework.

Chief of Municipal Commerce Ir. Ricardo Nheu stated that the Government needs to fix the framework provided by the Immigration Department and used by the PNTL Immigration Unit. (DN)

Mario Carascalao: "If I were the Prime Minister, the IDP problem would have been solved"

In National Parliament, Carascalao said if he were the PM he would solve the IDP problem within three months. (DN)

The Victim from Kintal Boot rejects the statement of the ISF.

The community of Kintal Boot rejected the statement of the ISF in which they deny that they beat the two victims, Abilio and Januario. (DN)

The Rainy season is coming, and IDPs ask the Government to change the tents immediately

 IDPs asked the fourth constitutional Government to fulfil the promises they made that they will change the tents before the rainy season.

Timor Post (TP)
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