Subject: Al Jazeera on Brimob

e[The summary on Al Jazeera's website is not very accurate, the show focuses on Brimobs and Detachment 88 is barely mentioned, It, of course, has had its own human rights problems as well. Participating in the discussion after filmed segments about Brimob and Gegana training are Allan Nairn, Robert Lowry and Noor Huda Ismail. - JMM/ETAN]


101 East looks at the human rights record of Indonesia’s anti-terror police unit BRIMOB

The arrest of alleged Jemaah Islamiyah leader Abu Dujana by Indonesia's anti-terror police has won the country praise from its neighbors and further a field.

The Western-backed Detachment 88, set up in the aftermath of the 2002 Bali bombings, continues to be at the forefront of the archipelago's war on terror.

Part of Detachment 88's success comes from it heavy reliance on intelligence – much of which is supplied by former members of radical Islamist groups.

Analysts and human rights advocates are hoping Detachment 88's success and increased professionalism will rub off on Indonesia's longer-standing para-military police groups; BRIMOB and Gegana, both of which have a suspect past when it comes to human rights.

This episode of 101 East aired on 25 October 2007

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