Subject: 40-day maintenance shutdown for Bayu-Undan

Northern Territory News (Australia)

September 5, 2007

40-day maintenance shutdown for gas field

THE BAYU-UNDAN gas field will shut down within two weeks in a huge logistical maintenance exercise involving hundreds of workers and support hubs in both Darwin and the East Timorese capital of Dili.

The project, 500km northwest of Darwin in the Timor Sea, has an estimated 3.4 billion cubic feet of gas and supplies the Wickham Point LNG plant.

Bayu-Undan will be inspected and maintenance work will be carried out. The facilities will also be upgraded.

Operator ConocoPhillips said workers will toil 24 hours a day on the operation to get the gas field back online as soon as possible.

The company estimates a total of 140,000 work hours will be spent, working in two 12-hour shifts per day for the duration of the shutdown.

About 575 workers will support the shutdown offshore, with 360 employees mobilised from Dili over five days.

There will be six helicopter flights per day between Dili and the gas field.

A separate warehouse has been leased in Darwin to house goods needed in the shutdown.

Darwin's Wickham Point LNG plant will also be involved in the maintenance activities, with up to 60 vessels to be scrutinised.

About 40,000 work hours will be spent on the Darwin LNG plant and 200 employees are to support the project.

The shutdown is expected to last up to 40 days. ConocoPhillips refused to say how much the shutdown will cost


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