Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 27 September 2007

Thursday, 27 September 2007


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National Media Reports

ONGTL, conducting alternative public hearing against CTF

Non-Government Organizations of Timor-Leste (ONGTL) on 28-29 September will conduct alternative public hearings against the CTF.

"We will conduct the alternative public hearings because during public hearings conducted in Indonesia, the Commission of truth and Friendship (CTF) considered that all the witnesses are always good. We see that the witnesses who provided their statements for the public hearings have a tendency towards manipulation. We want to re-conduct these to find out the truth between the two nations. We will be involving victims, both from Indonesia and Timor-Leste because they are only blaming militias and not Indonesia military," said Xisto dos Santos, the coordinator of Students' Front of Timor-Leste and Administrative Council of National Alliance for International Tribunal (ANTI) on Wednesday (26/9) at the National University, Dili.

Mr. Dos Santos also said that public hearings of CTF tended towards manipulation as compared to the Expert Commission of UN who conducted its investigation in Timor-Leste. He also stated that the CTF work is to give amnesty to the criminal actors and not to find out the truth. (TP and DN)

Alkatiri: US$61M for three months might create corruption

Former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said that the transitional fund of the Alliance government will create a broad way for corruption because he considers the amount to be too much to use in only three months.

"If this big money is the investment capital to build bridges and roads there might be no questions. So this amount of money should be spent carefully," said Mr. Alkatiri. (DN)

Fernanda Borges: NP attributed to principles of international law

MP from National Unity Party (PUN), Fernanda Borges said that the national parliament will stand for the principles of international law because the Timorese constitution forces the MPs to do so.

Ms. Fernanda also said that if amnesty is granted to the criminals, then there will be impunity and anybody could do anything. (DN)

MPs worried about the mission of CTF

Indonesia and Timor-Leste's CTF is worried because it appears to be dominated by politics.

"I am a little worried because the CTF has established itself upon political tendency and not upon finding the truth," said Cecilio Caminha, MP from CNRT in the National Parliament on Wednesday (26/9).

Mr. Caminha also said that in reviewing the Terms of Reference, the CTF aims to find out the truth based on the public hearings, but the final result will be rely upon the writing by the Commissaries of the Commission. (STL)

International Media Reports


Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional (DN) Semanario Televisaun Timor-Leste (TVTL)


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