Subject: Istoria Timor Writing Competition

Writing Competition

First Prize: US$500

Five runner-up prizes of US$100

We want to hear a story; but not just any story... We want to hear your story! A story about modern life in Timor Leste. You can write in any genre: comedy, drama, romance, horror or any other genre you can think of. All entries will be considered, but must be written in Tetum.

Do you have what it takes to write the first Istoria Timor? Get writing and you could have the chance to win the prize money and have a chance to have your book published nation-wide!

Rules Language: Tetum Word-count: 10,000 - 15,000 words Due date: February 28, 2009 Subject: Anything

This competition is sponsored by Istoria Timor. For further information please see  or contact John (737 2978) or Shelley (723 1699). Sorry, our Tetum is not very good, we only speak English and Indonesian.


Kompetisaun Hakerek

Premiu Primeiru: US$500

Segunda lugar to sestu lugar: US$100

Ami hakarak rona istoria; mais laos qualquer istoria. Ami hakarak rona ita boot nia istoria rasik. Istoria kona ba moris modernu iha Timor Leste. Ita boot bele hakerek iha komiku, drama, romantika, horor ka tipu seluk nebee ita boot iha. Istoria nebee hatama sei konsidera maibe tenki hakerek iha lian Tetum.

Ita boot pronto atu hakerek Istoria Timor primeiru? Hakerek ba no ita boot sei hetan oportunidade atu menang premiu osan no iha oportunidade atu publika ita boot nia istoria ba Timor tomak.

Kriteria Lian: Tetum Liafuan: 10,000 - 15,000 Data hatama: Fevreiru 28, 2009 Topiku: Naran deit

Kompetisaun ne suporta husi Istoria Timor. Informasaun kompletu bele haree iha ka kontaktu John (737 2978) ka Shelley (723 1699). Deskulpa, ami nia lian Tetum sidauk diak, mais ami bele koalia lian Indonesia no Inglese.


Please let people know about our competition. Forward this email, talk about it to your friends, or even print it off and hand it around your office. If your organisation would like to promote Istoria Timor, please contact us.

We also still need help on the Tetum side of the project. As you may note, our blog is all in English (and I probably even made a bunch of mistakes in the Tetum announcement above...). If you would like to help out translating or even be a contributor to the blog then please contact us.

When we reach the judging phase we will also need lots of Tetum speakers to read the manuscripts and fill in some short forms evaluating the entries. If you are interested in being involved in the judging process, please let us know. Volunteers so far include high school and university students, a number of expats with good Tetum, English school students, people in the hospitality industry, Timorese office workers, artists, journalists and more. Anyone is welcome to participate, the more the merrier.

If you feel like you can help in any other way, then please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

John & Shelley

PS - We still aren't really that attached to the name... If you have a suggestion for a new project name, please let us know, we're open to ideas.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Istoria Timor is a non-profit project to promote literacy in Timor Leste and is run by John Holdaway and Shelley Robinson in their spare time.

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