Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 9 January 2008

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

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National Media Reports

TVTL news coverage

MUNJ resign from the Task Force: The Youth Movement of National Unity (MUNJ) resigned from the Task Force formed by the Alliance Government, because they were allegedly never involved in any decision-making about Alfredo Reinado and the petitioners' problems.

The Technical Secretary of MUNJ, Lucas Soares, stated that MUNJ joined the Task Force as a permanent member to help solve Alfredo's problem through dialogue.

Mr. Soares also said that MUNJ disagree with the statement of the leaders of the Task Force who said that Alfredo and the petitioners are to be handled as civilians for the moment, because the Task Force is working on the process of dialogue, and the issue of status can be decided after the dialogue is in place.

RTL news coverage

Local houses and hectares of plants in Railaco, Ermera district destroyed: More than one hundred hectares of corn and coffee plants, including 12 houses in Matata village, Railaco sub-district, have been destroyed by rainfall and storms.

Gil Lobato Pereira, the chief of the village, stated that corn and coffee plants, along with the houses, were destroyed by more than six hours of rain over the last week. Meanwhile, in Hatolia sub-district, thirty one houses were totally destroyed.

The Head of the Social Division of Ermera district, Mario Maia Exposto, said that the division is still awaiting the data concerning the natural disasters in the district. Once they have it, they will report it to the Ministry of Social Solidarity as part of a request for assistance.

Maukatar's victims receive humanitarian assistance: Fifteen heads of families in Kunai, Matai village, sub-district Maukatar, Covalima, received humanitarian assistance from the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The Humanitarian Commission of the Ministry of Social Solidarity provided food, shelter and kitchen equipment to each head of family.

On Monday (7/1) the World Food Program (WFP) also distributed rice and beans to each of the heads of the families.

The fifteen heads went to the police station when two youth groups from Kunai and Matai village attacked each other and set fire to each others' houses on Thursday (3/1).

Government to use media to disseminate information to the public on global warming: The government will use the media to disseminate information to the public about the impact and importance of climate change.

The community is still largely unaware of the impact of global warming and continues to devastate the forest.

The State Secretary for the Environment, Abilio Lima, said that the government will use all media outlets to promote community understanding about the importance and impact of climate change.


Fretilin backs Alfredo's accusations against Xanana as the author of the crisis

Fretilin gave the strongest possible support to Reinado's statement which accused Prime Minister (PM) Xanana Gusmão of being the author of the crisis.

The President of Fretilin, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, said that the video recording of Alfredo from December 2007 made the same analysis as FRETILIN, namely that Xanana Gusmão was the author of the military and political crisis of 2006.

Mr. Lu-Olo said that the recording is important for Fretilin, because in the video Major Alfredo clearly stated that he witnessed Xanana's behaviour that led to the crisis.

"Major Alfredo just states what Fretilin has said before, namely that the author of 2006 crisis is Xanana Gusmão, it is really important," said Mr. Lu-Olo in the Central Committee of Fretilin in a press conference on Tuesday (8/1) in Comoro, Dili. (TP and DN)

PM Xanana instructs Justice Ministry to see Rogerio Lobato

PM Xanana Gusmão has instructed the Minister of Justice Lucia Lobato to witness first-hand the condition of former Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato, who is now under medical treatment in Malaysia. Minister Lucia Lobato said she would represent the government and visit Mr. Rogerio in Malaysia, since it is important for people's faith in the justice system that he completes his sentence.

Minister Lobato also said that she was informed by the Timorese Ambassador in Malaysia that Mr. Rogerio needs more time to complete his treatment - and the government will give more time to Mr. Rogerio for this reason. (TP)

Law needed to combat prostitution The government needs a law to combat prostitution in Timor-Leste.

The Member of NP from the Democratic Party, Vital dos Santos, said that the government has the power to immediately create a law to regulate prostitution and avoid its negative impact upon society and future generations.

"To combat prostitution in Timor-leste, no law is needed since there is no nation in the world that makes it legal to be involved in this kind of profession. However, the reality shows that there is prostitution in the countries that are predominantly Christian, because it is a normal thing” said Mr. dos Santos. (TP and DN)

IDPs: asking the government to provide security for them to return home The government has planned to help the IDPs return home, but IDPs are still insisting that the Government provide security in their communities.

"They need to ensure our security otherwise it will all take place again: stoning and killing each other," said Jose Soares, Coordinator of IDPs in Cathedral Camp, Dili, on Tuesday (8/1).

Mr. Soares also said that IDPs fled to avoid violence and confrontation and do not want it to happen again.

The IDPs agree with the plan of the government, but need security assistance in the communities that they will be returning to. (DN)

Fretilin will not act like the previous opposition

The Member of NP from Fretilin, Ana Pessoa, said that Fretilin will not copy the previous opposition, but will say something is good if it is good, and something is bad if it is not, regardless of the fact that some might not like it this way. (TP)

International Media Reports

No news covered about Timor-Leste

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