Subject: TLPres: Statement by President DR Jose Ramos-Horta


13 March 2008

Press Release

Statement by President DR Jose Ramos-Horta

President DR Jose Ramos-Horta, from the Darwin Private Hospital today, has refuted information published in the media that attributed comments to him concerning the February 11th shooting incident in Dili. President Ramos Horta has reiterated that he has not made any statement to the media regarding the incident.

During his treatment in Darwin, President Ramos Horta has authorised the Timor-Leste National Television station, "Television Timor-Leste", to take footage of him and record a statement, however there have been no interviews or statements made concerning the details of the February 11th incident.

President Ramos Horta also took the opportunity to reinforce his support and confidence in the Interim President, Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo, The Interim President of the National Parliament, Vicente Guterres, and The Prime Minister, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, to manage the political affairs of the country.

"Interim President, Fernando 'Lasama' de Araujo has my full confidence to carry out the duties of the Head of State, with dignity and responsibility. It is not my intention to intervene in the affairs of State." President Ramos Horta stated.

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