Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 10 June 2008

(International news reports and extracts from national media. UNMIT does not vouch for the accuracy of these reports)

UNTL students demand NP cancel plan to buy cars- TVTL

Students from the University of Timor-Leste have called on the National Parliament to cancel plans to purchase luxury cars for each MP.

During a press conference held yesterday, the students' spokesperson, Maria do Seu Nunes, argued that it was not the right time to be buying such luxury goods when most of the people where still suffering. The students threatened that if the Government did not abort this plan within the next two days, they would make enemies out of the students.

In response, the NP President Fernando Lasama reiterated the Government's position to move ahead with the plan, arguing that the cars were needed to facilitate the work of the MPs.

Students to protest rising prices- RTL

JOC Deputy Commander Mateus Fernandes has confirmed that university students had sent a letter to the PNTL and F-FDTL asking them to provide security for the students while they held a peaceful demonstration in Dili. The demonstration is related to the increase in the price of most goods. The demonstration will be held on 12/6/08.

President to visit Cuba-RTL

The Cuban Ambassador, Ramon Hernandes, has confirmed that President Ramos-Horta will visit Cuba in September this year. The Ambassador said that the objective of the visit is to discuss the relations between the two countries and to provide support to East Timorese students currently in Cuba.

SRSG: Gov should eliminate suffering in addition to buying cars- Timor Post

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General Mr Atul Khare said following his meeting with the President that he did not have an opinion regarding the purchase of luxury cars for the MPs. He did stress that the most important thing was to find a solution to the current problems facing the nation. "I do not want to give a specific comment about the luxury cars, but it would be more proportional or rational if they [MPs] eliminated the suffering of the people in addition to buying the cars," said the SRSG.

Uni Students to demonstrate Gov purchase of cars- Diario Tempo

In response to claims made by university students that they would hold demonstrations against the Government if the of purchase luxury cars went ahead, the NP President, Fernado Lasama responded: "I am not afraid of the demonstrations…  everyone have right to hhold demonstrations, but they should be in peace."

INPEX says submits plan for LNG plant in Indonesia- Reuters, 9 June

Japan's INPEX Holdings Inc said on Monday that it had submitted to a proposal to build a floating liquefied natural gas in Indonesia's Abadi field in the Timor Sea.

"It's true that we have submitted the plan to Indonesian authorities to develop the field," said Kazuya Honda, spokesman at INPEX, following details issued by a Indonesia regulator.

Honda said INPEX has submitted the plan during the final week of May, but declined to give details about the plan, including costs. (Reporting by Chikafumi Hodo; Editing by Rodney Joyce)


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