Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 23 June 2008

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(International news reports and extracts from national media. UNMIT does not vouch for the accuracy of these reports)

UNPOL gives power to the PNTL in Manatuto-Diario Nacional

The UN Police (UNPol) in Manatuto District held a ceremony to give power to the local PNTL in Manatuto district. The ceremony was held at the PNTL HQ on Saturday (21/06) and attended by the UNPol Acting Commissioner Mr. Joao Arevalo, District Administrator Elbino Bonaparte do Rego and Manatuto Distict PNTL Commander Adao de Araujo.

The District PNTL Commander said that 49 certified PNTL officers have received training and instruction from the UNPols on how to cope with their responsibility for maintaining law and order in their community.

"We have received trainings and instructions from the UNPOL who have been working with us, and it is now a time for us to receive this kind of responsibility to maintain law and order," said District PNTL Commander Adao de Araujo during the handover ceremony at the PNTL HQ in Manatuto.

Manatuto District PNTL Commander Adao de Araujo also acknowledged that UNPOL members had shown their good cooperation during their work with all PNTL officers in Manatuto.

"During our work, the UNPOL officers here in Manatuto had shown us a good example and cooperation, and oriented us to do great work.

Therefore, we would like to thank them as they had made an effort to help us on how to maintain law and order in this nation, and we will pray for them so that god will always protect them on their way home" said Mr. Araujo

Meanwhile the Manatuto UNPOL commander Ahmad Alzari said that PNTL officer have been working very hard and are unified to highlight the importance of the security situation and on how to maintain law and order in the district of Manatuto.

Democracy springs to defend toads- The Northern Territory News, 21 June By Alyssa Betts- EAST Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta attacked the Territory's Chief Minister yesterday for wanting to eradicate the "beautiful'' cane toad.

Mr Ramos-Horta was addressing a rowdy Territory Parliament yesterday during the second reading of The Eradication of Cane Toads Act 2008.

He was "perplexed to say the least to have learnt that the government intends to eradicate an animal species that's harmless -- I would say innocent''.

The public gallery was unusually fiesty, erupting with loud cries of "shame'' or "hear hear''.

Speaker Jane Aagaard lost control of the rabble several times, ejecting government MP Felicity Woods and repeating

"Standing Order 51'' to varying effect.

And the Member for Port Darwin must have had a touch of liquid lunch, because Ms Aagaard had to remind him who he was.

"Member for Port Darwin -- this gentlemen here,'' she said, pointing at him.

It was all about education.

Mr Ramos-Horta is in the Top End on a visit to attend next week's North Australia Forum.

But yesterday he was standing in for Terry Mills as Leader of the Opposition for a mock parliamentary debate at Essington School, Rapid Creek.

Our vital mock chief minister, 15-year-old Aaron Halliwell, was calm but cautious before the stoush with his fiesty foe.

"He didn't get where he is by being lax and sitting around doing nothing,'' he said.

The President -- who was shot earlier this year and spent more than two months in Darwin Royal Hospital -- showed no outward sign of ill-health.

Ms Aagaard said when she met the President during his recuperation in April he became interested in setting up a "parliament to parliament'' relationship.

"He was particularly interested in our parliamentary education program,'' she said.

Mr Ramos-Horta will visit Kakadu National Park today with the real Deputy Chief Minister, Marion Scrymgour.


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