Subject: Quotes from East Timor Indonesia truth report

Quotes from East Timor Indonesia truth report

DILI, July 11 AAP - Factbox on key quotes from the leaked East Timor Indonesia Commission of Truth and Friendship.

On an apology: "The commission recommends that the two presidents together acknowledge responsibility for past violence and apologise to the peoples of the two nations and especially to the victims of violence for the suffering they have endured."

On gross human rights violations: "The commission concluded that gross human rights violations, in the forms of crimes against humanity, did occur in East Timor in 1999 and that these violations included murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence, torture, illegal detention, and forcible transfer and deportation carried out against the civilian population."

The commission concluded that there was institutional responsibility for these violations: "Pro-autonomy militia groups, the TNI, the Indonesian civil government and Polri must all bear institutional responsibility for gross human rights violations targeted against civilians perceived as supporting the pro-independence cause."

On calls for an international court to prosecute offenders: "The commission's work shall not prejudice any ongoing or future judicial process for cases of human rights violations reported in East Timor in 1999, and also the commission shall not recommend the formation of any judicial body."

On its decision not to recommend amnesties: "The commission concludes that amnesty would not be in accordance with its goals of restoring human dignity, creating the foundation for reconciliation between the two countries, and ensuring the non-recurrence of violence within a framework guaranteed by the rule of law. Therefore, the Commission does not make any recommendations for amnesty."

Other Recommendations: "Remedying systematic and institutional failures through institutional reform is thus necessary to prevent future reoccurrence of violence and to ensure the foundation for peace and friendship between the two countries.

" A key component of such institutional reforms is promoting a culture of accountability in the institutions whose responsibility it is to maintain peace and security and to prevent and punish violations of law and human rights."

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