Subject: Timorese pilgrims take in sights

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Timorese pilgrims take in sights

12/07/2008 4:00:00 AM

WORLD Youth Day can provide the youth of the world with some amazing experiences.

In some cases, it also helps them see the world.

For the 300 East Timorese pilgrims in Australia, it's the first time they have been outside their country.

Billeted with families in Echuca, they visited Bendigo yesterday to explore the town's ties with East Timor.

''We visited Kirsty Gusmao's old school and saw her house,'' Sister Natalena Daconcaecao said.

''We are very happy to have Kirsty in our country because she helped out so many of our people, especially the women.'' Cold weather was the only complaint among the pilgrims.

''It's freezing! Coming from home to here is like jumping into cold water,'' Sister Natalena said.

But the generous work of parishioners from Quarry Hill provided plenty of beanies and scarves to keep out the winter chill.

The visitors also took time to wander through Sacred Heart Cathedral, where the German pilgrims staying in Bendigo were busy at work.

As part of their solidarity work, they were cleaning the cathedral ahead of the Youth Mass today. About 250 Maltese pilgrims will arrive from Melbourne for today's Youth Mass.

The mass will be led by Bishop Joe Grech and begins at 10.30am.

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