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UN Calling Asia 18/07/2008

Final report of the panel set up to look into the violence during Timor- Leste's struggle for independence 18/07/2008

UN Calling Asia - a weekly 14-minute magazine programme, in English, that keeps you in touch with UN developments covering Asia and the Pacific.

In this edition:

The final report of the panel set up to look into the violence during Timor Leste's struggle for independence was handed over this week to the presidents of Indonesia and Timor-Leste. [with ETAN's John M. Miller]

China now joins Japan as an authorized buyer of ivory from 4 nations in Africa. CITES, that's the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, this past week voted to allow China to import more than 100 tons of ivory.

This week UN member states met in New York to renew their commitment to limit the spread of small arms and light weapons. Following up on a programme of action from 2001, they are working on ways to control, trace and destroy these weapons, which continue to kill and maim innocent civilians, including children.

Producer: Diane Bailey 

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