Subject: Timor Leste Daily Media News August 26, 2008 

Timor Leste Daily Media News

MCC consults with local people in Dili and Aileu Televisaun Timor Leste, 26 August

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is having public consultation with local and community authorities in the districts of Dili and Aileu in order to define national priorities in order to pave the process of national development.

Representative of the MCC in East Timor, João Mariano Saldanha said that the consultation is substantial in setting development priorities both in Dili and Ainaro.

Saldanha mentioned during the process infrastructure and educations were identified as important priorities of the county.

Similar consultation will be done nation-wide.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation Account is established by the United States to help poor countries in the world given that these countries are serious in tackling corruption and are committed to fight poverty.

Timor-Leste, under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, is a serious contender for the amount of 5 million appropriated under the account.


East Timor's Immigration Police and Dili's Task Force detain ten foreigners Televizaun Timor Leste, 26 August

Immigration Department of the East Timor's National Police, in collaboration with Dili's Task Force had detained 10 foreign nationals due to violation of emigration law.

PNTL's head of public information, Moises Amaral, said the foreigners were detained because they came in the country with tourist visas but in fact they get involved in economic and employment activities.

Three of the aliens are Indonesian and the rest are from China. Eight of these aliens are working in the Moon Bar while two of them are working with Moris Foun drugstore.

In the meantime, the foreigners are being detained at the Dili district detention center for investigation purposes.


CNRT and Fretilin urge Public Prosecution to charge recent crises master mind Diario Nacional, 26 August

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) and Fretilin MPs has urged the country's Public Prosecution to charge the master mind of the country's recent crises in 2006.

MP Carmelita Moniz said the Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government should have implemented the approved resolution for setting up international investigative commission.

Moniz said the country needed a hand from the proposed international investigative commission to help support the Public Prosecution and some of international experts that were currently doing investigation into the case and said they could charge soon the suspects.

Fretilin MPs Chief, Francisco Miranda Branco said they urged the Government to implement soon the resolution and had questioned as well about minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation who had not conveyed the proposed investigative commission in the recent meeting of the UN Security Council.


Combating corruption should begin from the top: Mari Alkatiri Diario Nacional, 26 August

Fretilin secretary General Mari Alkatiri, said in combating corruptions within the country should begin from the top to bottom.

Alkatiri said if the Government had identified corruptions and that should begin investigating the leaders, not only pointing the staffs, saying they engaged in corruption.

"If the Government recognizes that there is corruption, but the Government's fouls only appoints its staffs. If we want to talk about purchasing rice, not only a minister to sign it, but the prime minister should also sign it," Alkatiri said.

He added the investigation into purchasing rice should start from signing the documents of purchasing the rice.

Procurement ready to be investigated, says Soares Timor Post, 26 August

Following the corruption allegation within the Procurement Department, Director for the Timorese Procurement, Francisco 'Borulako' Soares, said his department was ready to be investigated by the Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman (PDHJ).

"We are hoping that PDHJ can hold an in-depth investigation into the corruption allegation. If the PDHJ wants to take the investigative findings to the court, we are ready to respond," Soares said.

Soares said he did trust that there would be no corruptions found in his department, because so far all process ought to follow the rules they had.

Government approaches UN for setting up investigative commission Timor Post, 26 August

The Parliamentary Majority Alliance (AMP) Government has approached the United Nations to help support process of setting up an international investigative commission into the assassination attempt and an ambush to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão on February 11.

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) MP Carmelita Moniz said she did trust that the Government had made an approach to the UN and said she did not know the reason why the proposed investigative commission was yet to be set up.

Moniz also said the Parliament could not force to implement the resolution of setting up the international investigative commission, as the power was in the hands of the Government.

"The Parliament has given power to the Government to implement the resolution, but it depends the on the Government," Moniz said.


Timorese Border Police will not tolerate anyone who illegally crossing border Televisaun Timor-Leste, 26 August

The Timorese Border Police Unit has said they would not tolerate anyone who wants to illegally cross the border zone.

In line with the border’s security issue both Timorese Border Police Unit (BPU) and Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) has held one-day-meeting, talking on problems being faced by the two sides in the terrain.

Both PBU and TNI soldiers also have questioned about illegal activities in the border and the border residents' livestock went missing.

Timorese BPU Commander, Quintiliano "Neno" Soares said they would build a joint security post to be used for sharing information and resolving problem they might face in future.

Justice Ministry opens door for PDHJ's investigation Diario Nacional, 25 August

Timorese Human Rights and Justice Ombudsman (PDHJ), Sebastião Diaz Ximenes, said the PDHJ had commenced holding investigation into an allegation of corruption within the country's Justice Ministry, including the Ministry of Health.

"We have commenced investigating corruption allegation found in the Ministry of Justice and Health. The investigation was held last week," Ximenes said.

He added they would publicize the investigative findings soon after the investigation had come to end.

Meanwhile, Minister for Justice, Lucia Lobato said she was not shocked with the ongoing investigation and said her ministry opened the door for the PDHJ's investigation.

Portuguese justice minister meets with Fretilin secretary general Diario Nacional, 25 August

Portuguese Justice Minister, Alberto da Costa has met with former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri who is also current Fretilin secretary general, sharing ideas on Portugal's aid support for the country in the field of justice.

Minister Da Costa said it was important to get various opinions from all sides to strengthen the countries' bilateral cooperation which had been built when the former government was in power.

Da Costa said other field needed to be strengthened was training for supporting legal practitioners in the field of justice.

He added judicial system in Timor-Leste was necessarily to be supported and that the Portuguese jurists and lawyers would come to help.

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