Subject: Timor Leste Daily Media News August 27, 2008

Timor Leste Daily Media News August 27, 2008

Police calls on residents to hand over illegal weapons- Radio Televisaun Timor Leste, 26 August

Dili District Police Commander, Inspector Pedro Belo has called on all residents in the capital Dili to hand over illegal weapons which are still at large within the community to the security forces. The commander said if the residents did not want to hand over the illegal weapons they were hiding; the police would arrest them if the deadline set by the country's authorities had come to end.

Belo said in supporting the recall of all the illegal weapons in the capital, the police had coordinated with Dili district administrator and villages chiefs to contact the residents to hand over the weapons they were carrying. Belo also denied an allegation that his police officers were suspected of being backed and involved in the illegal gambling. "If any of the police officers are found guilty in backing the illegal gambling, they should be sanctioned," Belo said.

Police holds operation to illegal gambling- Radio Timor Leste, 26 August

Police has held operation to the illegal gambling in different places in the capital Dili. During the operation, the police have seized some facilities related to the illegal gambling, such as coupons for a kind of gambling known as SDSB, amount of money and table for "bola guling".

Dili District Police Commander, Inspector Pedro Belo, said during the operation the police were unable to detain those who engaged in the gambling, as they all escaped when the police arrived. The commander said the police had secured the evidences seized to be used for legal purposes and said they had investigated the case and had officially handed over the case to the Pubic Prosecution for further legal charge.

Prosecutor general meets with President Horta- Radio Televisaun Timor Leste (Radio & TV), 26 August

Prosecutor General Longinhos Monteiro has met with President Jose Ramos Horta today (26/8), talking on the development of investigation into the attempted assassination to President Horta and an ambush to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao on February 11.

The prosecutor general said the Public Prosecution was currently waiting for results of ballistic examination from Canberra of Australia. Monteiro said the results of the ballistic examination would be used as proofs to charge 22 suspects who were identified to have been engaged in the assassination attempt. He added process of the examination was still on going and would come to end in the midst of the upcoming September. 

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