Subject: Indonesia anti-graft body chairman meets Timor Leste attorney general

09/19/08 19:38

Indonesia anti-graft body chairman meets Timor Leste attorney general

Dili (ANTARA News) - The chairman of Indonesia`s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Antasari Azhar, held talks with Timor Leste Attorney General Longuinhos Monteiro and Parliament Speaker Fernando Lesama de Araujo here on Friday.

They discussed various matters relating to Timor Leste`s plan to establish an anti-graft body similar to Indonesia`s KPK.

Timor Leste already has an institution for corruption eradication called `Prodovia Direitus Humanus Justica` which was initiated by its parliament. It is chaired by Sebastiao Ximenes.

The body had also conducted comparative studies in the Philippines, Hong Kong and a number of other countries.

Azhar told Lasama corruption eradication activities in Indonesia did not only consist of arresting and prosecuting suspected currupters but also of preventive efforts so that legal instruments for such endeavors were also needed.

"I appreciate Timor Leste`s government and people for their efforts to fight corruption in the early stages. This is a good attitude and good beginning," Azhar said.

He said corruption in Indonesia had taken root in such a way that the KPK had to work extra hard in enforcing the law on corruption eradication.

On the other hand, Lasama said there were weaknesses in his country legal system, one of which was the absence of a criminal procedures code so that steps to enforce the law could face a stumbling block.

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