Subject: Kalla Hails Wiranto as Running Mate [+PPP Backs Down on Coalition Plan]

The Jakarta Post [web site]

May 1, 2009

Kalla Hails Wiranto as Running Mate

by Dicky Christanto

Golkar Party Chairman Jusuf Kalla and Chairman of the People's Conscious Party (Hanura) have finally broke the silence at the political stage by announcing their pairing in the upcoming presidential election.

"We do realize that the upcoming administration need to move faster and more effective, without any hesitation in tackling problems ahead. Thus we consider that this is the right time to go forward for the presidential election as we have the qualities required to race at the election," presidential hopeful Kalla said Friday.

Kalla said their previous backgrounds as businessman and military member respectively could be used as an added value at the next administration.

Wiranto acknowledged that his decision to join Kalla as vice presidential candidate was based on the chemistry he had felt with Kalla.

"My first consideration that drives me to say yes for this coalition is because I feel very comfortable working with Kalla … the fact that we are the first to announce a nomination for president and vice president shows that we are firm and bold. We know what we want, without hesitating,” he said.

To this date, according to the General Elections Commission (KPU)'s real count result, Golkar managed to secure the third place by garnering 14 percent of vote while Hanura managed to secure 3.8 percent of votes. So far this pair was the first pair that announced its candidacy to face the upcoming presidential election.

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