Subject: 5 Years of Cuban Aid to Timor Leste

5 Years of Cuban Aid to Timor Leste (Updated May 3, 2009, 8:30 am)

A photographic exhibition is being presented in Dili to mark the fifth anniversary of Cuban collaboration in East Timor, hosted by the Director of the National University Dr Benjamin Cortereal. Cortereal thanked the Cuban government and people for the collaboration which he described as truly humanitarian and supportive, during his inaugural words.

He stressed likewise the contribution of Cuban experts in the training and formation of national human resources in the area of Medical Sciences.

East Timor Health and Education top officials, friends of Cuba, as the Friendship Association presidency of that south-eastern Asian nation, Diplomats and collaborators of that country and students of higher education attended the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition.

Those attending were presented with the screening of several documentary films over the work of the Cuban brigade in the formation of human resources, like "Los medicos del maņana", by Australian Tim Anderson, and "Un malai diferente", by journalist Irma Shelton. (PL)

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