Subject: East Timor enjoys political stability

5//3/09 9:49 AM Angola Press - Politics - East Timor enjoys political stability

Luanda ­ The East Timor National Assembly speaker, Fernando La Sama de Araújo, said Saturday in Luanda that his country is enjoying political stability and is moving towards development.

Fernando La Sama de Araújo said so during a meeting with a delegation of the Angolan parliament, headed by its speaker, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, within the framework of his two-day visit to Angola that ended on Saturday.

He said that after the political instability the country went through in 2006 and the attempts on the president of the Republic and the prime minister, José Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmăo, respectively, in 2008, the situation got normalised, being the consolidation of democracy a real fact at present.

“The process of reconciliation among the political forces, led by president Ramos Horta, is on good track,” stressed Fernando da Sama de Araújo, after underlining the contribute of Angola to the process of decolonisation of East Timor.

According to the Parliament speaker, one of the challenges for the Timor authorities has to do with the Portuguese language, as the country is threatened with the invasion of English.

He said Portuguese has to be consecrated as the official language, stating that only 10 percent of the population speaks it fluently.

In order to settle this matter, Fernando Araújo asked for Angola’s assistance, in addition to actions in the sectors of exploration of oil, defence and security and creation of the Supreme Court, with a view to the political stability and democracy.

He called for the establishment soon of an Angolan diplomatic mission in Dili, and an air connection between the two countries, to facilitate the contacts.

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