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<> Support for Timor Leste Marine Labor

May 16th, 2009

The training and education institute of BIWI MTC Bali received a special visitors from the committe for marine labor of Timor Leste on Friday (May 15th). Timor Leste intended to invite BIWI MTC Bali to provide marine education for the work force of Timor Leste allowing them to work in marine industry.

The director of BIWI MTC Bali, Ida Bagus Putu Astina welcomed the delegation of Timor Leste Committee Industry Energy Norway, led by Ige Balheim and Helge Elungsen at BIWI Campus, and show available facilities including management and services for trainees. Obviously the Timor Leste delegation was also keen to get thorough information on cost of both training and international certification.

Leader of Timor Leste delegation told the press that assessment on opportunity to enter cooperation with BIWI is quite strategic to give suficient skills to marine labor in the country. Timor Leste owns an of shore oil rig where all the workers are foreign nationals, as local work force does not have adequate international certificaton to work in marine industry. Helge said lack of skill and certification negatively affected welfare of the country as people could not work on things which actulally belong to them. Cooperation with BIWI is an attempt to help work force of Timor Leste to get adequate skill and certification to work in the oil rig.

On the other hand, Astina who has been just appointed as the chairman of Chamber for Industry and Trade (Kadin) Tabanan Chapter immediately invited Indonesian Young Enterpreneur Association (HIPMI) and Indonesian Association for Construction Companies (Gapensi). With building cooperation with third parties as one of Kadin's function, Astina hopes that it will open wider cooperation and positively affect business in Tabanan. Seeing Timor Leste as a new emerging country, through the committe Astina hoped to get access to oppotunities in other sectors as well. He further explained that BIWI will be promoted as a model of ideal training institution for work force in the country which once was an Indonesian province.

Timor Leste delegation also intended to ensure about legality of certification issued by BIWI as marine workers need to comply international standard, and therefore it is essential that the certificate honored worldwide. Whist the current focus is on oil rig, the future can also cover fishing vessels, cruise ships, tankers, and marine cargo transporters. 

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