Subject: East Timor Legal News 28, 29 May 2009

also East Timor Legal News 28 May 2009

East Timor Legal News 29 May 2009

A baby found dead in Delta 3 Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 May 2009 - Residents in Delta 3, a suburb of the Capital Dili, on Thursday (28/5) morning found a the dead body of one-day-old age baby, police report.

Carrascalao to present evidences about RTTL broadcasting cars case Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 May 2009 - Deputy Prime Minister for Management and Administration Mario Viegas Carrascalao plans to present evidences about the RTTL broadcasting cars purchasing case to the Public Prosecution for further legal process.

KAK will combat corruption in Timor-Leste Suara Timor Lorosae 29 May 2009 - Timorese Public Defender Sergio Hornai said acts of nepotism, collusion and corruption should be cleaned up in Timor-Leste, as such action could impede development of the country.

Minister Pires considers things going well Timor Post 29 May 2009 - MPs have criticised Minister for Planning and Finance Emilia Pires of engaging in nepotism in the recruitment of international advisers but Minister Pires considers that things are going well.

LABEH rejects to receive subsidies provided by Government Timor Post 29 May 2009 - Christopher Henry Samson, Director for a local NGO known as LABEH, said his NGO rejected subsidies from the Government because there was no transparency in this process of budget execution.

AMP calls for Government to hold profound investigation Timor Newsline 29 May 2009 - Spokesperson for the AMP in the Parliament MP Fernando Gusmao called on the Government led by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao to hold a thorough investigation into Government officials who are alleged to be engaging in corruption.

Corruption is a threat to democracy building: Fin Rieske Nielson Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 29 May 2009 - Deputy UN Secretary General Representative in Timor-Leste Fin Rieske Nielsen said corruption was a negative threat to democracy building and security development in the country.

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East Timor Legal News 28 May 2009

Parliament approves draft abortion law Radio Televisaun Timor Leste 28 May 2009 - The Parliament has approved draft laws relating to the new Penal Code article 141 about abortion. The law was approved after a two-day presentation made by Justice Minister Lucia Lobato in the Parliament.

50% of Govt officials engaged in corruption Timor Post 28 May 2009 - Deputy Prime Minister II Mario Viegas Carrascalao said the inspection report findings of the Inspectorate General show that 50% of Government officials are suspected of being involved in corruption.

I have not been investigated yet: Justice Minister Lobato Timor Post 28 May 2009 - Minister for Justice Lucia Lobato said she had not received any official request from country's Prosecutor General about indications of corruption in her ministry.

Parliamentary Committee B supports PNTL's rotation of officers Timor Post 28 May 2009 - Parliamentary Committee B has supported the Secretary for Security's policy of making a rotation program for all Timorese National Police officers (PNTL) to work in different districts.

Image: East Timorese fisherman rest on their boat.

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