Subject: Aluga Uma Timor

This website is a service designed to help Timorese find tenants for their houses/properties, thus driving more money into the pockets of families in Dili and beyond.

Website ida ne'e mak halo atu ajuda ema Timorense atu hetan ema atu aluga sira nia uma no rai, depois osan barak tan bele ba familia sira nia bolsu iha Dili ho foho.

For Landlords, Ba Uma Nain If you have a house that you want to rent please email a .gif, .jpeg, or .pdf file to buylocaltimorleste.alugauma [ at ] and it will be uploaded to this site.

Sekarik imi iha uma atu aluga favor ida email a .gif, .jpeg, or .pdf foto ba buylocaltimorleste.alugauma [ at ] ho ami monta ba website ida ne'e.

For Tenants

This is posting service only and takes not responsibility for any leases, contracts or other arrangements made as a result of connections being made between prospective landlords and tenants. If you find something you like we would love to hear the story via 

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