Subject: We want gas plant: East Timor

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We want gas plant: East Timor


December 22nd, 2009

EAST Timor has strongly denied reports that it would accept a floating production platform at the Sunrise gas field.

The Dili government today said its "first and only preferred option" was a LNG plant in East Timor.

It said there were no "logistical or geological" reasons to prevent the gas being piped to the country.

The government said it had never lobbied for a floating platform.

Sunrise, 450km northwest of Darwin, is being developed by Woodside, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Osaka Gas.

It lies partly in the Joint Petroleum Development Area, which means royalties from gas exploitation would be shared between Australia and East Timor.

The joint venture partners have all but ruled out piping the gas to East Timor, partly because of political instability.

Woodside and ConocoPhillips are reported to favour piping the gas to a LNG plant in Darwin.

Shell prefers a floating platform.

The position of Osaka Gas, the most junior of the partners, is unknown.

The decision is expected within days


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